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We all have projects big and small of things that need to be fixed or improved upon. They can be in our home, our flat, or our condo. Fix ups could range from patching up a small hole in the wall to painting the interior of a house. The challenge that folks face is finding the right people to do the job right, within your budget, and reliably.

Yeah, you could scour the newspapers to find a local handyman; but who does that anymore? You could go online and search Craigs List or just search for companies that perform the type of work you are looking for. However, that means a lot of follow up over the phone, possible missed calls, and consequent delays.

The chore of connecting with professional help has now been brought into the 21st century through the introduction of BizNitz. This app facilitates a smooth bridge between people who need to get a project done and professionals who can do it.

The BizNitz app allows you to focus in the area you live and takes advantage of where you live to find you possibilities that will work best. Because it was designed using input from homeowners, contractors, and handymen, you know that it works to serve all three parties, bringing a win-win situation to all.


The app provides service to three parties: homeowners, contractors, and handymen. Each type of participant can easily create an account with BizNitz and then make full use of its features.

Contractors who join can use the app for a free 90-day trial, and then pay $19.99/month to maintain their account. This allows them full marketing features and faster project wins for every lead.

Handymen can also join on a 90-day free trial basis, paying just $4.99/month thereafter. The app helps out handymen by expanding their reach, earning them a few extra jobs that they otherwise may not have found.

Folks looking to hire can use the app for free! You create your account; enter all essential information so contractors and handymen know if they can provide their service in your area. Then all you have to do is search for the help you need based on the project you have.

If the project is small handyman size then the app allows you to create a new job. When creating a new job you enter information describing the job as well as you can. This includes Category, Description, Date and Time.

What is really neat about using the app is that you can also post pictures of your project. This helps contractors and handymen know more about the project and estimate their quotes more accurately.

You get these quotes and then can easily, within the app, negotiate or just accept.

The only downside to the app is for folks who really dont like to give too much personal information on apps. It would be nice to be able to provide a personal address only after you have accepted a bid, keeping this information only between the parties involved.

I found using the app to be extremely useful and easy. I love that I can follow up on bids while at work and not have to be on the phone. Its an app to have if youve got work to do!


Rating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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