Mighty Maru

Mighty Maru – Gaming Experience with Real World Interaction

We’ve all heard and encountered 3D in the visual space and there are opportunities to experience 4D by watching a 3D video or movie while undergoing physical and olfactory sensations, bringing the experience closer to life and closer to you. Imagine bringing a game experience closer to your physical being?

It probably is not too new of a concept, but MightyCast has brought it to fruition in a game that excites and entices. Mighty Maru is an adventure game where you take on the role of one person out of a couple. They are students and have been separated while attending a peaceful protest. One ends up free to seek help, while the other is hauled away to the infamous Gorge prison.

As a player you become either Brynne or Thierre. You can enhance your experience tenfold by purchasing and using a Nex Band, which integrates with the game and allows you to interact and play using it.

I’ve never really seen anything like it before. You can customize the Nex Band to alert you of certain events, allow you to take action when needed and keep you on the go. The Nex Band comes with several purchasable charms, each bearing its own unique function, which further expands the power of the band and the intensity of the experience.

Mighty Maru

Back to the game, though. It’s an action packed experience set in a time during which the domineering wealthy stake rule over all and cause havoc for everyone. They have put a Constabulary in place that keeps the public in check in the harshest of ways. When a protest finds either Brynne or Thierre in the undetectable Gorge prison, it’s up to the other to locate the prison and free them. All before sunrise.

The game itself moves at a pace that pulls you in and makes you feel like you have entered a new world. The really cool thing about the Nex Band support is that other players with Nex Bands become recognizable in your game space when you are physically near them. I have never seen that before. This just takes online and virtual player space to a whole new level.

The graphics in the app are amazing. Sharp and colorful, they help to transport the player into this new realm and make you feel like you are there. When it is time to use your Nex Band, the screen shows this with an icon and asks you to choose the right combination of mods on the band to concoct and create patterns that it expects.

The game overall is a mind-blowing experience, but the downside is that you have to purchase a Nex Band to enjoy it. It’s the only way. However, once purchased, the Nex Band will be your friend for so many apps, not just for gaming.

Download Mighty Maru soon and get a hold of a Nex Band, too. You won’t be sorry!


Rating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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