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CallApp – No More Strange Caller

One of the annoying moments is when your phone rings and the number is not in your contact list. You are confused about who the caller could be.  You wouldn’t know the caller until you pick up the call. This comes to a stop with the callApp.

When you have the CallApp installed, knowing your caller becomes easier than one could imagine.  When you get a phone call, even if it’s from someone who isn’t in your contact list, you should be able to see information about them — you see their registered name,  a photo, their most recent update on Facebook, and your most recent email exchange if you’ve corresponded with them. That is completely amazing!!!

CallApp could be assigned as your default call manager. It could be used as your dialer instead of the normal phone dialer. Although you can still use the dialer that came with the phone, but with CallApp you enjoy the best of contact management. It’s super great to be able to recognise the caller immediately the phone rings.

Another amazing thing about the app is that, the app recognizes not only people but also businesses. It pulls up locations, business hours, reviews, links from streetview, yelp, facebook and other platforms. You also have the opportunity of viewing menu from a restaurant where you would like to make reservations.


Despite the fact that CallApp is very powerful, it is very simple to use.  When you install the app and launch it, you need to sign up for a new account with your mobile number as your user ID. Then you get a verification SMS sent to you.

The next thing you do is to connect the app to the various social media platforms you use. You can connect to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. The app ensures you keep up to date with what your people are doing online. So, it is important you connect your CallApp to your account so that you can use it to keep track of the places your friends are visiting.

After linking your online accounts with CallApp, you can now check what’s in store for you.  You will see your main contacts which contain button to make calls or send SMS by the side. You’ll find a link to easily search your contacts, view call logs, reminders and also your favourite contacts. You can select your contacts from the list and start connecting with them.

Also, there are numerous additional options available when browsing through your contacts — you’re not limited to sending texts or making calls. You have a series of scrollable icons to the right that can be used to send an email, apply a new photo, set up an appointment, share your location, and more. Various options are incorporated into the app which are of great benefit.

Despite all its beautiful prons, it was observed that CallApp could be slow at times. It is understandable that pulling information from different social media and networks for the contact can take time, but if the network connection or wifi is not strong, the battery starts dropping.

CallApp is incredibly powerful and very useful.

get it on google playRating: 9/ 10

Price: Free

5 comments On CallApp – No More Strange Caller

  • CallApp.


    All it does is hijacks your personal media accounts for their personal consumption.

    Get a life.

  • A pretty good app. I’m using the call recorder feature quite a lot. A few minor things can be improved on the design side, but overall very useful.

  • Solid app. Makes my life so much easier. The new Call Recorder is a nice feature, but I personally use the app for it’s Caller ID.

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  • I need to to thank you for this very good read!!
    I definitely enjoyed every bit of it. I have
    you book-marked to look at new things you post…

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