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Into the Future – Middle East Empire 2027

Fast forward ten years, into an age where you are the commander of the rebels. On your shoulders rests the heaviest task of all, choosing your country and ensuring that it becomes the most powerful empire in the Middle East.

This innovative war strategy game will have you observing, improving, strengthening, and attacking. Sounds like a your typical war game right? Middle East Empire 2027 by iGindis Games goes beyond your usual war game by having you reading the newspapers!

That’s right! You must research the in-game economies, relations, spy missions, and war news to establish who is who on the map; and how you can put yourself in a position to strengthen both diplomacy and military action.

It is a war game but do not be too hasty to engage in war, after all, wars are won with more than just firepower. Build up your economy, form the right relationships with the right countries, and attack your enemy countries when they are weak. It sounds like a breeze, but more will have to be done to succeed in the year 2027.

Keep an eye on your good relations, countries on which you have spied on, and the technology you want to gain. In the war room is where all the talk of combat and destruction goes down. The opposite of ‘attack’ is to ‘protect’, and so, you must protect your country as well.

What might seem a little tricky at first soon becomes an addictive race to forming the best war plan and witnessing if that very strategy is well built, or if it is transparent and crumbles before your eyes. All the best commander!


  • Fresh, fun, inventive game-play – there is a lot to investigate and unearth in Middle East Empire 2027
  • The complex game offers a straightforward tutorial which will make things clear for all types of players
  • Seventeen countries to choose from – it is your country versus the rest
  • More than a conventional war game – keep track of all the world news and use the information to your advantage
  • At the end of every game your leadership skills will be determined by AI.
  • Referral option – invite your friends and family to join the fun, and receive extra tokens
  • Dedicated developers acknowledge players and their suggestions, and work towards improving the game regularly
  • Fantastic gaming community on the official Facebook page
  • Sixteen languages to choose from
  • The game does contain in app purchases and advertisements

A fuss-free war game that requires wit and sharpness until the very end. Who starts off as a friend or foe, only you can decide. The lands which lie in the Middle East are calling for a conqueror, are you up for the challenge?

get it on google playRating: 8/ 10

Price: Free

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