MAYU – Fun Messaging that Moves You and Your Friends

Messaging is fun. We all know it. We spend hours every day posting things, back and forth. It’s the way to stay connected in our world of remote engagements. What if you could have more fun doing it? How much more fun can it get, you ask? Well, download MAYU Animate and find out.

MAYU Animate is an app that’s an easy download, makes messaging come alive and creates a whole lot of fun to anyone who receives a message crafted by its entertaining enhancements. It costs just $1.99, but comes with an immense variety of clips and videos that take your text message to new heights. Grab your friends’ attentions or send impactive information for marketing leads. It’s all up to you what you can get out of MAYU – you get to decide.

While is currently only works with iMessage, it still provides big bang for the buck. Also, it’s not just other stuff you can add, you can add the animation to your text. In detail, MAYU offers:

  • Animated type face
  • Animated frames
  • A myriad of options and combinations of features that make your creations unique to you
  • Clear high quality output

When you get into the app, you’ll find it extremely easy to figure things and get around. From the main screen, which I like to call the “easel,” you’ll see three icons lined across the top: Camera, Plus Sign, and Upload. Camera lets you choose a color background or take a new picture. Plus Sign lets you create a new message. Upload lets you upload and forward through iMessage, Facebook, Twitter and other social media apps.

Mayu App effects


While you construct your message, you will see four icons lining the bottom of the screen. These allow you to:

  • Create text
  • Add a patterned background
  • Add an animation
  • Tinker and tweak the colors in your message

So easy to use, you tap away with the options and when you are finally done, you can press Play to see what the animation creation looks like before you actually use it.

I would like to see the app provide some info on each of the social media apps, as some of them were unfamiliar to me and I was not sure where my message was headed for. Another thing to note is that whatever you see is what your receiver will see. If your message is wider than the screen or editing area, you need to span is across several lines, otherwise you won’t see the entire message.

This app is fun and super easy to use. I highly recommend it if you are looking to add something different to the way you send messages.


Rating: 10 /10
Price: Free

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