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Polling has been around since the beginning of time. People just want to know what others are thinking, or how their opinions stack up with what is trending in the general public. Good pollsters get findings from a variety of sources and take care to ensure that responses are not tampered with. That said, you need a system that helps you get access to and create polls in a safe environment that also prevents voter tampering.

ClearPoll is an app that makes it easy to create polls that are easy to use and produce reliable results. It’s an easy to download app that puts several polls at your fingertips for you to participate in and provides a straightforward tool set to create polls that you are interested in running.

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What makes ClearPoll reliable is its use of blockchain technology, which prevents data from being intercepted and manipulated. The results you get from your pollsters are real and present a true message.

Key features include:

  • Private Polls – you can create polls that are open only to invitees and not the world. Participants get a pin code to gain access, which allows you to define and control the audience you want to poll.
  • Star Polls – vote on polls about celebrities and influencers, and earn points for every poll.
  • Location Filter – if you are looking for a poll to vote on, you can search by location to vote on topics in certain areas. Looking to start a poll in a particular zip code, city or state? Use the filter option to publish the poll in a defined locale.
  • Social Feed – share your voting history or results from polls you’ve created.
  • Widgets – allow you to embed polls on websites along with real time results.
  • Desktop – the app has a desktop version so it’s not limited to just mobile users – everyone can participate.
  • Ratings – the first blockchain based rating system, preventing double votes and bot based votes.
  • User Rewards – as mentioned earlier, you can earn points both by participating in polls and by running polls. These points convert to ClearPoll Tokens which can be traded for Bitcoin currency.

The overall layout and design of the app is easy to consume and navigate. It’s easy to find polls by searching on keywords or browsing through the different preset categories like Entertainment, Lifestyle and Political. You can search for polls that are trending or polls that are sponsored, to earn more points.

If you are creating a new poll of your own, you can select the type of poll, whether or not it has widgets and a category, each with a simple tap. Then you enter the question and configure the number of available answers, defining each answer as well. When you are satisfied, launch and see the results come pouring in. Tracking polls is easy and you can even view results from historical polls. There is also an option to save polls to your dashboard, so you can track and view results quickly and still view results after the poll closes.

The app is full of features that make it hard to find any deficiencies. If anything, it would be nice to create reports and download them so you could run the same poll periodically and trend the differences across time.

ClearPoll hits the mark on being a go to tool for participation in and creation of polls that reveal true statistics, keeping hackers at bay, something so refreshing in these times of uncertainty.


Rating:  8/ 10
Price: Free

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