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Meet My World AR, the First Augmented Reality Social Network

This is something completely new for me, I played with some Augmented Reality (AR) games and was already pretty nice, and now the first AR social network changes things, creating a new future. But it wasn’t loved at first sight. When I heard about My World AR I didn’t understand what was about and, to be honest, even though wasn’t a good idea to have a new social media on my mobile. I was reluctant, but after seeing my friends use it consistently i decided to give it a try.

First of all, the design is simple and suggestive. To sign up, you just need to add your name and photo, then you are already in. At a first look, everything looked a little mess up, but once you start to navigate everything gets better. The app suggests users that you can follow, people nearby you, and there are different kinds of collections for you to follow and post your own content: photos, videos or ready images. To publish something, all you have to do is select an image, take a photo or record a video, then you have to select a collection (you can choose to write a description or not). In seconds your content will be shared to thousands of people around you!

To discover what’s happening and who’s around you, you have some options. Or you go in the tab “Discover”, where you can find a lot of suggestions from users online on the platform in the “Highlights” area. There you see what is trending and can follow new users. Or you can go looking for your own interests, clicking on “Collections”. Inside “Collections” you will find eleven different categories: People, Lifestyle, Celebrities, Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment, Art, Business, Travelling, Shopping, and Other. A simple click in one of them and you can find, and follow, people that share contents there are more of your interest.

At this moment I can see you saying: “ok, but where is the Augmented Reality in all of this?” Well, at the beginning this was exactly my feeling, and I think you can only understand this feature completely once you download the app, but I will try to explain it: once the app can access your location, you can share a picture in a park, for example. So every time someone is there, he or she will see your photo as you shared for the first time with the whole My World AR. It means you can leave your mark behind, sharing your ideas or views, constructing your own world.

Moreover, the app is intuitive and simple to use, it takes seconds to you start sharing and interact with other users. In general, the app is fast and the features are well developed. And, if like me, you are tired of so many advertisements on other social networks, don’t worry about this in My World AR. At least until the day I’m writing this article, there is no space for ads in the app and I hope stays like this, and they say it will be! Let’s keep an eye on this.

I would say the My World AR can be a cool network to interact and meet new people, and a step forward in social networking, but go slowly and don’t get addicted. Real life is better than any other reality!

get it on google playRating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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