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Ummah App Helps You Practice Your Faith During and Beyond Ramadan

Whether you are in a new place or just need some help keeping your Muslim faith strong and accessible, Ummah is an app that can make it possible. It’s like having your own personal reminder system to alert you when it’s time for prayer and brings the various aspects of practicing the Muslim faith closer to you, so you can fully participate without skipping a beat.

Let’s face it, life’s busy and sometimes it’s hard to either fit in the 5 prayers a day or even to remember them. But Ummah bridges the gap and brings the faith to you. It even has the Quran stored so you can read or listen to it whenever and wherever you want. You have the faith with you at all times.

Another great feature of Ummah is that it helps you find Halal foods nearby. So, if you need to know where to go to get specific food items for every day or for special fasting times, the app can assist. It also is a superb source for news and a copious outlet for general discussions on the topics surrounding the Muslim faith, culture and issues that surround it. It provides guidance for those struggling with observing the faith and keep a balance of where they live and fitting into the society around them. This is key because nowadays we do not all live in the regions from where our forefathers came, so we are faced with trying to practice our faith away from its birthplace, which means you sometimes do not have easy access to the items you need.

If you travel or have moved to a new place, you sometimes don’t have knowledge of exact times for when to pray. Ummah will let you know the exactly when it Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha’a so you can pray on time and set your schedule around this. During prayer times, it also lets you know what direction to pray in, also known as Qibla. What I really like is that the app provides a nice visual showing you the prayer times on the main screen and how much time is remaining until the next one.

Ummah currently supports English and Albanian, so many can use it, and I am sure they will be expanding on that. The overall layout and design are clean and easy to maneuver around in. The proverbs and quotes are inspiring and help you keep focus on what is important.

What would be nice is the ability to connect with fellow worshipers through the app. It might be there, but I was unable to find such functionality.

Ummah is a boon to all who wish to keep up with technological trends and live a modern life, but still want to keep Islam close to their hearts. Practice of faith can become difficult when you don’t have guidance, and Ummah provides just that.


Rating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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