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Finding success in today’s job market requires a lot of work and commitment from both workers and their potential employers. In fact, the New York Times reports a 3.9% unemployment rate as of last year, a low statistic that reflects the increasingly competitive job landscape, especially for recruiters who must work with fewer candidates. And from a jobseeker’s perspective, it’s important to note that while there might be hundreds of jobs waiting to be filled; the challenge is still in finding the one that best suits your needs.

Of course, as we’ve seen in a previous AlphaDigits feature about job-seeking apps, the saying “there’s an app for that” rings true even for recruitment. Mobile apps are in a unique position to make it easier for candidates and companies looking to get connected — the only question is in how.

Enter Shapr, an app that likens the job hunt to Tinder. Shapr focuses on the principle that networking is key to landing a job, matching job-seekers to industry professionals for a match made in networking heaven. Users are asked to input their interests in the form of hashtags and write a short description about themselves. From there, users can then look through profiles and swipe right on whomever they want to meet. 

The app is meant to make reaching out less intimidating. Unlike messaging someone on LinkedIn or sending a cold email, you can rest easy knowing that the people you see on Shapr want to meet and help out those who are just entering the job market or looking for prospective candidates. In an interview with The Talko, design and launch representative Mandy Menaker shares the importance of seeing networking as a time to foster real, meaningful relationships. Shapr’s messaging feature works just like a dating app’s: in the event of a match, users are notified and offered an in-app messaging window. Users are paired according to goals and interests, giving both parties something impactful to talk about right from the very beginning.

All in all, technology continues to transform recruitment. Part of the reason for the changes in the job-seeking process is due to the changing nature of jobs in general. Gone are the days of one-track career paths and rigid requirements: today’s job candidates have a range of skills and experience, making it easy for them to adapt to different jobs.

These changes in the recruitment world have also led to a powerful shift in how companies consider outside workers. Yoss explains that companies looking to hire even the top 1% of talent can now turn to freelancers and the gig economy. This allows them to tap into a larger pool of expertise on an on-demand basis compared to hiring purely full-time workers through traditional recruitment methods. This, in turn, means that more and more companies can fill roles and talent gaps within their ranks more efficiently, something that apps like Shapr has helped to achieve.

Menaker shares that Shapr is meant for all types of professionals in all kinds of roles, regardless of the industry. Users are encouraged to be as genuine as possible, which makes the app a far cry from the sales pitches and cold emails of the past. Shapr remains free to use on Android and iOS, and even has a desktop app available.


Rating: 10/ 10
Price: Free

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