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Carpooling App sRide Provides Options for Getting Around Town

With Uber and Lyft seemingly keeping a stronghold on the carpooling app market, there are other contenders worth considering if you are looking for a local provider that is more customized to your needs. sRide, a service offered to riders in India, is making headway in the space once dominated by Uber and Lyft.

Almost everything we need to get done on a day to day basis can now take place on your mobile. We shop on it, we order food from it, we connect through it. Now, we can find a way to get around. sRide works to find you a ride to wherever you need to go, based on where you are, what kind of ride you are looking for and what time you need to leave and get there.

sRide allows users to find a ride or even offer a ride. Where sRide allows makes the carpooling experience even easier is the payment system, which has been made hassle-free. The payments are all taken care of through the app, so you are not expected to waste time with the driver arguing over how much to pay. Prices are decided from within the app, and once you decide to ride with a driver, you are also signing up to pay the negotiated price. After that, all you do is get in the car, relax and wait for your destination to arrive.

Another distinguishing feature of sRide is that it’s a carpooling app, so you can share the cost of that ride with others, which means you pay less. The cost of the service is shared, and the cost of the gas is shared, so it’s an opportunity to save money. The app, as with others, allows you to rate drivers but it also allows for rider ratings as well, so you can see who is ok to share a ride with and who to avoid. This means you can find a ride with people more like you who you are ok sharing a ride with.

Using the app is straightforward. You will have to allow it to know your location so it can do its best to find an available driver and other riders, if applicable, near you. Riders and Drivers alike are verified to be acceptable, so you know you are safe. The more you ride, the more points you can score, so you can take advantage of special offers and deals. When you refer friends to sRide and they sign up, you can earn points, too.

Not much is lacking in the app. I found it easy to use and effective. Rides were available when I needed one and it was just as easy to find others to share that ride, bringing my cost down. I think I really like that feature the best. I would like to save some of my trips so every morning, I can pull up my “To Work” ride request and not have to keep entering it to find a ride.

On its own, sRide is a great guide to getting from point A to point B in whatever way works best for you. Want to ride alone? Do it. Want to ride with others? Do that too and save money. Save yourself the headache of getting to where you need to go by downloading sRide and let someone else take you there.

get it on google playRating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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