Top the Pools with Presidents Run

Elections are the most anticipated events in a democratic country. The people are eager to see whether their votes will count and if the right candidate would be representing them for the next term. This anticipation is what brings about stress to citizens. Sometimes the people question if there is an easier way to determine who would likely be in the seat of power as president. The developers of Presidents Run have brought a solution to this question by creating an easy single-player game that allows players to run miles to help their preferred candidate top the polls.

Presidents Run is a unique game. Not only does it aid political participation, but it also makes elections less stressful and more fun. In this game, you race with your preferred candidate to increase their chances of winning. Every mile a candidate covers in the race will be added to the world’s polls that can be viewed anytime on the game’s website  There is a list of great presidential candidates that you can choose from. Candidates like; Joseph Biden, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un. There are also candidates with a sprinkle of horrors like the zombified characters of; Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. You will certainly have fun playing this game.

Presidents Run comes with many different features such as; Presidential characters to run the race, boosts to make the race smoother, special shoes with effects, and props. To start the race, you need to purchase a president with your votes. Don’t worry about getting votes. You can always pick up votes from the race track. The race boosts like head starts, and starting with special shoes makes the beginning of the race easy. The special shoes are used for double jumps, doubled votes, and magnet to collect all votes on your way. The props features have some beautiful hats for your candidate to wear during the run. The features of Presidents Run do not end here. The upcoming updates will deliver; new presidential candidates, new props like the COVID-19 masks, and more powerful boosts for your race.

The objective of the game is to get your preferred candidate to top the polls. To do this, you will need to run for thousands of miles. Don’t die! Try not to fall into holes, and avoid obstacles on your way like paparazzi, protesters, and missiles. Look out for special shoes on the race track, and complete the goals on every race to earn rewards. All you have to do to get your candidate to the top is cover miles. Run through as many miles as possible. The more miles you cover helps your candidate’s position on the polls.

Check out President Run on the app store today, and start racing ahead for the elections.


Rating: 10/ 10
Price: Free

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