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As a caretaker, checking on kids, an elderly family member, seniors prone to wandering, or individuals affected with conditions including dementia in 2021 is much easier than it used to be. Every time your retired father visits his friends and does not return till late at night, or when your kid stays out past their night curfew, your BP does not have to shoot up. A smartphone app will keep an eye on them on your behalf, track their whereabouts and keep you updated. 

Of the many apps that promise to share real-time locations, the ‘GuardIO – Family Care‘ mobile application stands out due to the unique features it offers. The easy-to-use app owned by WeTraq Inc. is an ideal app for remote caregiving services. It allows them to assess the mobility behaviors of at-risk elders round the clock.

The app doesn’t require any fancy login. Download the app, enter your mobile number, OTP, enable/disable notifications, and invite your friends to let them know about the app. Add your photo to allow your loved ones to locate you instantly. You can also add increased security by creating a safe zone and adding places your family members visit often. For GuardIO to work accurately, select your current location, give “Always” access, and voila, the app is ready to serve you.

Now, it is time for you to create a private circle. Invite members by sharing the invitation code shown in your app, add in as many as you want, and coordinate with them. You can also be a part of other circles by entering the invitation code sent by that Circle Creator. And easily track the circle members, real-time, where ever they move while configuring the alerts for each member individually. In addition to safe zones, which are safe places for seniors to travel, you can also add ‘No-Go’ areas that are not safe and get notified with they enter or exit these zones. 

According to recent research, every one in six American drivers is a senior citizen, 65+ or older. As much as it is crucial to assess the immediate whereabouts of loved ones on foot, it becomes far more essential to track them while they are driving. GuardIO – Family care app gives you a detailed view of the driving habits of each member of your care circle, like over-speeding, phone usage while driving, and more. The app also has the timeline of your family’s past mobility behavior and trip history, including stops you made along the way saved as long as you want.

The moment you sense an elderly in your care circle in danger, you can just tap on the member and navigate directly to them – no address required. The app will also notify you if the battery of a wandering elderly runs low. The moment anyone from your care circle turns off GuardIO, you will get a notification.

To stay connected with your loved ones all day and night, monitor them in real-time through Google Maps, and nurture the importance of family safety, download GuardIO now.


Rating: 9.5/ 10
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