Lost Words

Level up Your Leisure Time Playing Lost Words: Word Puzzle Game

Have you ever played Word Games? The satisfaction and fulfillment you get as you advance up levels cannot be expressed by words. From improving your thinking capacity, increasing vocabulary, enhancing cognitive skills, boosting your self-esteem, to stimulating your brain activity, the benefits of playing word games are multifold. Though board games create a unique social bonding experience, given the current situation, it would be safer if we could play them in the comfort of our home.

If there were an app that suits both kids & adults, in addition to enabling us to play in our native language or a foreign one, wouldn’t it be just fabulous? Lost Words: word puzzle game is a puzzle-based play store app developed by L.W. The game offers several unique features with over 5000 word puzzles in various languages. 

Once you click on the installed app icon, you will be prompted to either register via Google or Facebook or skip the sign-in process. The advantage of signing in is that you can save your game progress to your account and continue where you left off every single time. 

You must then select your game language. The language options include English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Danish, Finnish, French, Hindi, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, and Ukrainian. By entering your age on the next page, you can enjoy an optimized gaming experience. 

To begin with, you can either choose to Find the words or Unscramble the words. With Find the words, you must find the correct word from the jumbled set or find all possible word combinations while choosing to Unscramble the words. What starts out easy and predictable turns challenging and complicated as you progress up the levels. 

Rehearse with 4-letter words and get your groove on up to 12 letters. Find the nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs that got lost. The more the levels you attempt, the better your attempts would be.

You will earn a free coin per level on successful completion. And when you complete a series of game levels, you either earn free hints or coins. Use your hints when you find it hard to finish a game level. Once you have exhausted all your hints, you can buy more with the coins you have earned. Short of coins, worry not? Watch a video to earn 25 coins, earn rewards from offers or buy hints by paying cash.

Click on Stats to view your graph, best result, best day, and Streak to view your current and longest streaks. By sharing the Lost Words: word puzzle game with your friends and family, not only do you help make their work breaks more fun but also get 15 free hints per unregistered user. Invite as many people as you wish and get free hints for every accepted invite.

Though ads that appear once in a while hinder the game flow, you can remove them by paying a moderate amount. 

Download the app now for the dose of necessary brain activity you get with the Lost Words: word puzzle game makes it a must-try and worth your time.

get it on google playRating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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