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Pictile – Become a Puzzle Picasso

Embark on a super fun journey with “Pictile” – a puzzle game all about colors and playful adventures. Let’s dive into what makes this game stand out and explore everything you need to know.

The Awesome Stuff:

1. Fun Default Mode: Pictile’s Default mode is like a burst of joy for your eyes. It makes each puzzle a colorful party for people who love lively games. The themes and colors in this mode turn every puzzle into a cool adventure.

2. Share Your Masterpieces: Pictile isn’t just about solving puzzles; it lets you show off your completed creations. I mean, wins are wins, and what good are wins if you can’t show them off or share them with your loved ones? Whenever you solve a Puzzle, Pictile lets you share the solved puzzle with just a tap with your loved ones over social media.

3. Easy to Use: Pictile is super easy to navigate. You can change sound settings, read instructions, and switch game modes easily. This makes Pictile a game that anyone can enjoy, focusing on the fun of solving puzzles.

pictile app

Things to Think About:

1. Old-Looking Design: Pictile’s design feels a bit old-fashioned. It doesn’t affect how the game works, but a more modern design could make the game look even cooler. A fresh look would match the lively puzzles better.

2. Needs the Internet: Pictile needs the Internet to work. For some players who like playing puzzles without the internet, this could be a bit of a letdown. If Pictile had an option to play offline, more people could enjoy it.

Diving Deeper:

Let’s take a closer look at why Pictile is so much fun. Imagine opening the app and being greeted by a burst of colors, like a rainbow party on your screen. That’s what Pictile’s Default mode is all about – making puzzles not just brain-teasers but also visually exciting.

Now, let’s talk about how easy Pictile is to use. Picture this: you want to change the sound or check out the instructions. With Pictile, it’s a piece of cake. The menu is so friendly that even your grandma could navigate it. The menu signs, surprisingly, make sense and are easily accessible. They are neither too clustered nor too spread out – making it an enjoyable experience.

But, like every good thing, there are a couple of things to keep in mind, things that may put you off. First off, the design of Pictile might remind you of the good old days. While that can be charming, a modern touch could make the game even more eye-catching. A little makeover for Pictile’s look could be like putting a new coat of paint on your favorite puzzle.

Another point to consider is that Pictile needs the internet to work its magic. For a lot of people, this may not be a problem at all, but for people like you and me, those who like to solve puzzles on a mountain with no Wi-Fi, this can be a dealbreaker. If Pictile added an offline mode, it would be like giving a puzzle gift to a whole new bunch of players.

Download Cryptile from the Cyrptile games, developer of Pictile.

In a nutshell, Pictile promises a journey full of colors and cool puzzles. With its fun Default mode, the ability to share your masterpieces, and a menu that’s easy as pie, it’s a top pick for puzzle lovers. Sprucing up the design a bit and adding an offline option would be like adding sprinkles to an already tasty puzzle cake. So, get ready for a puzzle party with Pictile!


get it on google playRating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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