FaceDubb – Video Dubbing Fun for iOS Users

It’s incredibly easy to use! 

Who doesn’t take selfies, and with their abundance, it’s no wonder that someone has taken customized selfies to the next level, allowing folks to take quick movies of themselves enhanced with fun and entertaining audio playbacks.

Imagine the fun you’ll have taking a short video of yourself mouthing to your friend’s favorite song, adding that song as a voice over to your clip, and then sending it to them. It could be just for fun, or you could even use to send a special Happy Birthday to someone. The possibilities are endless!

FaceDubb is the app that lets you do all that, and more. It’s incredibly easy to use. Just press record and mouth away. Your voice over can be a song, a saying or something that a celebrity might say. Thing of the laughs you’ll get by mouthing the all-famous, “The Terminator” that Arnold Schwarzenegger belts out, and sending that out.

FaceDubb screenshot

After you download FaceDubb, you’ll be asked to create an account – just takes a few seconds. Once you’re in, you can browse categories to find a dub to base your selfie on. The choices are plenty, so don’t feel that you may not find what you are looking for. You can even get a bit creative, search for what you want specifically and see what you can do with it.

Locate an audio piece, and then tap on “Make a Dubb.” Do your thing as the app records your every move. The audio also plays so you know exactly how to move your mouth. Mind you, no one is perfect the first go around; but, with a few practice sessions, you will get the hang of it. Heck, you’ll have lots of fun just viewing those first few that you do record, so don’t throw those away!

Back to the recording….once the audio finishes, your recording will stop. You can save this and then share it, quickly and easily. Integration with Facebook makes the sharing that much more easier and far-reaching. It’s that simple. You don’t even need to use the tutorial provided by the app, but if you prefer to, it’s there, ready and waiting for you. Otherwise, using the app is so easy, anyone can do it.

Now for the catches, you will see ads pop-up once in a while. That comes with the territory of free apps. You will also find that some categories of video dubs are unavailable until you make an in-app purchase. However, I must stay that the initial variety offered meets most of my needs, and when it does not, I will consider a purchase.

available-in-the-app-store-iconDeveloper: mike walton
Price: Free

Developer’s response: You have to pay to unlock some of the categories (you don’t) simply watch a short video and the unlock is free.

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