iFun Screen Recorder – A Simple and Effective Recording Tool for Windows

iFun app

Today’s market is flooded with screen recorders, but the iFun Screen Recorder is one of the most recent entries. So if you’re wondering why you should choose this over other screen recording choices, you’ve come to the perfect place. Screen recording is a valuable tool for explaining problems or solutions involving digital technology. However, some users complain that the recording lowers the quality of their content. Do you have the same issue as me? If that’s the case, a new

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WinX DVD Ripper – Best for DVD to MP4 Conversion

WinX DVD app

Fess up, you’ve told yourself time and time again that you would empty out that cabinet of DVDs, digitize them and put them on your PC for months now. If you haven’t yet, then you need to get a hold of free DVD Ripper from WinXDVD and start your cleanup project now. There are several advantages to ripping DVDs to PC. As noted above, you may want to digitize old DVDs and get rid of them, keeping only the soft

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