Keep Your Mac Organized and Protected with Combo Cleaner

Most folks who own any type of Apple device know and will tell you wholeheartedly how secure and reliable those machines are. In most cases, there is no need to have any kind of anti-virus application on anything that runs iOS. However, if you are a Mac user and you find yourself frequently downloading masses amount of content, whether it be for work or play, you may start to feel wary of your vulnerability.

That’s where Combo Cleaner comes to the rescue.

What I found most attractive about Combo Cleaner was that it not only protects your Mac, it serves to optimize and organize your Mac so that it can run at peak performance, all the time. Macs are powerful, but put enough stuff on it, and you will see diminished output.

The interface is clean and clear, right off the bat you will see your Dashboard. You can also get to the dashboard easily by using the very top sidebar icon. Horizontally lining the top of the screen is the number of gigs available, the number of gigs used, and your percentage of usage. I really liked this part of the display quick and easy to see how well you are using your storage.

combo cleaner app

Just underneath this you’ll find the workhorses:

  • Disk Cleaner: easily remove application caches and logs, downloads, and trash. I had lots of downloads of same items, which I did not realize, and this function helped free up lots of space.
  • Big Files: supporting easy inspection and removal, this function will find large files on the hard disk drive, listing them in a way that is easy to read, so you can select which file to remove and which to keep.
  • Duplicates: lists all files that have duplicates, so you can easily select the delete the “extras.” What is most important and really cool about this function is that even if the files names differ, it still finds the duplicates; it bases its match on content.
  • Antivirus: this is the part you thought you would not need, but as adware gets sneakier, it becomes so important to arm yourself from any kind of Trojan horse.
  • Privacy Scanner: identify and remove cookies, cache files, browsing history, and any other type data that could potentially compromise your privacy. A feature I found handy is the ability to perform a full reset of all browsers, so you can wipe the slate clean to make sure nothing is left lingering to pose a potential issue.

Another addition function I was happy to see was Uninstaller. This makes sure that all files related to an App you uninstalled also get wiped off the hard drive. Oftentimes, I just don’t know where all the files are, and while they don’t get in the way of anything, they do take up space.

What I would like to see in the app is the ability to save reports on a regular basis so I can keep track of how many viruses were caught and when; I like data like that and it is always nice to see when more viruses are making their way in while using other Wi-Fi sources and such.

The app is in no way deficient. I really never thought I would need protection for my Mac until I ran Combo Cleaner. Now it runs faster, consistently, and I have peace of mind that my privacy is protected.


Rating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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