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2 Minutes in Space – Get Away – Really Far Away

Ever wish you get just get away for a few minutes? Standing in a line that doesn’t seem to move? Is your boss piling you on with more and more nonsense? Then it’s time to download 2 Minutes in Space.

While the app won’t literally launch into the outer reaches of our atmosphere, it will take you away from whatever it is you need to escape. It’s a simple arcade-like game that puts you in control of a spaceship, looking to get through space, collecting treasures, avoiding asteroids and getting from point A to point B without getting destroyed.

While there is no real end destination to reach, the point of the game is to survive. The app will throw all sorts of obstacles your way. Things like debris, asteroids, comets, other ships, and more. Your main defense is to avoid. You do this by tapping on the left side of the screen to move left, or right side to move right. It will take a while to know just how many times to tap to move your ship by just enough to veer its path.

Your ship will also have the ability to fire at oncoming objects and foreign entities. Weapons and fire power will vary with the different types of ships, of which there are nine.

As you fly around, you will see little gold nuggets floating in space. Collect these pieces of beauty and you’ll score points that earn you bigger and better spaceships. The ability to upgrade to enhance spaceships is extremely important, because as you advance through each game and different playing levels, you will need ships with improved maneuverability, giving you better chances of survival.

Let’s say an asteroid hits you, and one may, you can then go in search of a repair kit. Yes, there will be repair kits floating around from time to time. These repair kits look like little blue icons with a white screwdriver on it. All you do once you spot one is to steer your ship towards it. Once you collide with it, the repairs will take place and you’ll be as good as new.

Did I mention the types of games? There are three types. You can play Moon, Asteroids or Orion Nebula. Each has its own set of oncoming flying objects to avoid and/or shoot at, and its own look and feel. This helps to add some variation to the app.

I do have to say that if one thing could be improved, it would be to slightly increase the size of the ship for easier gameplay.

This game is a surefire way to escape everyday doldrums and drum up some fun. Blast off on an adventure with 2 Minutes in Space.


Rating: 8.5 /10
Price: Free

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