Wonder Fish Free Games HD – An Underwater Game

Wonder Fish

Finally an app for all fish lovers out there! Just like the name suggests, the app has been designed with an aim of giving you the rare opportunity to work with a regular fish and make him a wonder fish by rescuing his comrade Blackyfinn who is threatened by a terrible monster. It’s an underwater game which means that all the action will take place at sea which is a good thing because of the amazing graphics of deep-sea treasures.

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Baseball Kings – Fun in Your Pocket

Baseball Kings

Fill those dull moments with some game play!  If you are looking for a fun and simple baseball game to play, look no further than Appnori’s Baseball Kings. This app brings the excitement of fast and curved pitching to your device in a fun and well-laid out way that allows users to test out the waters a bit before diving in. The neat thing about Baseball Kings is how well it mimics a game. It keeps stats, scores, and other

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Little Luna – Big Talent – Explore and Play with a Beetle Named Luna

Little Luna Big Talent

A new twist on a traveling game! Bastei Entertainment has concocted a cute little app for kids that have them following a little bombardier beetle named Luna around her little world. This interactive storybook features her friends and her Dad, all of which sport different talents that you can use in games to earn points. Scattered across her realm are games to play and animations to watch. It’s a new twist on a traveling game that’s geared for little ones.

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Amazing Beat – Stimulating Sensory-Building Music App

Amazing Beat

It is not an easy beat to keep up with!  Gaming apps can get fairly complicated and require an immense amount of concentration and agility. Sometimes it’s nice to just open up an app and play something that’s a bit more simple, but still challenging. For those of you who love a good beat and move to it well, there is Amazing Beat; and, although it sounds extremely simple, it is not an easy beat to keep up with. Amazing

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WaterBall! – Remarkable Physics Stunning Graphics

Simple game executed so very well! This is definitely not the first game or app with a concept that revolves around a ball jumping through hoops and obstacles. However, WaterBall! proves to be more than just “that kind of game”, since it offers more challenge and, consequently, more hours of fun spent playing. WaterBall! is marketed as a game with a simple jump mechanics, integrated with puzzles that will prove to be very challenging and exciting at the same time.

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Spirit Run – Swap Souls to Save an Aztecan Temple

Spirit Run

The apocalypse is upon the Aztecs and it is up to you to stop it!  Looking for a different kind of adventure that is familiar yet interesting, all at the same time? Then look no further than the latest gift from RetroStyle Games. Yes, gift. For a limited time, the makers of Zombie Run HD are offering, for free, a game that has you running stone paths, rickety wooden bridges and taking hairpin turns to collect life-renewing gemstones and stay

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Wildlife Adventure Across the African Savanna – Trail the tail

Trail the tail app

An adventure, mystery and safari!  It’s no easy feat bringing the immense and awe-inspiring African savanna to a child, but in a new and lush app from Thematica, now you can! Trail the tail is an adventure, mystery and safari neatly wrapped together in an iPad app that will entrance and engage kids in a way that questions and prompts curiosity. It nurtures an interest in animals and for a place from afar, fostering a playful way to educate and

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Puppy Wings Keeps Users Hooked to Their Screens

Puppy Wings app

Can be taken to be both a role playing game and a shoot’em up game! Puppy Wings is one game that is sure to keep users hooked to their screens because of the cool graphics and thrilling battlers. The app can be taken to be both a role playing game and a shoot’em up game. Is the game as good as the graphics everyone is seeing around? Let’s take a closer look and see if the developers did their homework. Basically,

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Kitty Jump – Jumping Game That Sends Felines A-Flying

Kitty Jump

For parents who need to keep their kids busy!  Looking for a game that provides just the right amount of challenge without getting too strategic or aggressive? Sometimes, as mobile users, we just want something to pass the time as we wait in line. In some cases, it’s nice to have a simple game that kids can play that have nothing to do with warring worlds or alien invasions. Kitty Jump is just that. It’s a game that has players

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Millionaire GOLD – A Thrilling and Challenging Game

Millionaire GOLD app

And a worthwhile pastime tool! The Millionaire GOLD app is an interesting take of the television game show: Who Wants to be a Millionaire. This show has been done in many countries with great success in each of them. Just like in the show, the app’s user tries to answer a series of questions correctly. The concept is really simple for any of the 5500 queries you solve in the 15 difficulty levels you are given a point that should

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