iBiome-Wetland – Education Through Exercises Brings Biome to You

iBiome-Wetland app

Finding science education software that kids want actually want to play and one that delivers can be a daunting task. It almost takes enough research to write your own thesis! Fear not, because the creative coders at Springbay Studios have brought fun and science together in an app like no other. If you are looking for a fun and easy way to learn more about wetlands, then iBiome-Wetland delivers. Its hands-on approach brings the biome experience to you and your

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Division Z Takes Zombie Destruction to New Heights

Makes strategy and planning a survival skill!  Tower defense games come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, if you can just imagine, and are nothing new to the gaming scene. The variety of enemies that encroach battlefields across the various gaming apps are plenty, but once you’ve mastered a game, it can get dull. If you seek a scene that’s new and challenging, Division Z can provide just that. Created by the playful minds at Thinking Monkey Studio –

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Wildlife Adventure Across the African Savanna – Trail the tail

Trail the tail app

An adventure, mystery and safari!  It’s no easy feat bringing the immense and awe-inspiring African savanna to a child, but in a new and lush app from Thematica, now you can! Trail the tail is an adventure, mystery and safari neatly wrapped together in an iPad app that will entrance and engage kids in a way that questions and prompts curiosity. It nurtures an interest in animals and for a place from afar, fostering a playful way to educate and

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DraftCode – PHP Coding at Your Convenience

DraftCode app

Get the power of WordPress and FlatPress at Your Hands! If you are a PHP developer looking for convenience when creating exquisite website functionality, look no further. DraftCode takes away the pain of needing internet connectivity and server accessibility by putting the power of WordPress and FlatPress in your hands, from the comfort of your handy-dandy iPad. By harnessing the power of runtime environments that are packed with programming pliability and support for offline theme and plugin development, DraftCode offers a

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MyBrushes Pro – Bring Out Your Inner Infinite Artist

MyBrushes Pro app

A virtual canvas waiting to be colored!  Doodlers, it’s time to celebrate! If you love to create, whether it be classical paintings, eclectic art, or just swiping a brush around for the fun of it, My Brushes Pro is the app for you. It is available for download on the iPad and is a virtual canvas waiting to be colored. The app offers over 100 predefined brush styles, allowing you to create painting effects that you otherwise would not see

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BooDooArt – Pictures Say a Thousand Words


Take social networking, and possible dating, to a whole new level through artistic creations and random doodles that have you completing pictures and images, instead of each other’s sentences. BooDooArt is a unique app that brings people together through colors, lines, and pictures, bridging gaps through the thinness of an iPad. Painting projects can be initiated by signing in through your Facebook account or can engage random users of the app. When you first download the BooDooArt, it takes you

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The Alice App – A Book App That Transports You to Wonderland

The Alice App

A new way to experience the tale!  Online books are becoming more popular by the day, and while most adults read novels that are meant purely to be ingested by reading, book apps meant for younger folks tend to offer a bit more. Case in point is the newly revamped app for the iPad that features the whimsical tale of “Alice in Wonderland” in a way that most would not have imagined. Created by award-winning artist and entrepreneur Emmanuel Paletz,

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Angus the Irritable Bull – A Loving and Fun-filled Story

angus the irritable bull app

An interactive experience about friendship!  Kids love stories, whether they be told or read to them. Sometimes a story book that offers a little more than a story brings more meaning to the experience and makes the experience that much more memorable. The imaginative and creative minds at Watermark Ltd. have put a loving and fun-filled story about an angry little bull named Angus into an app that allows children and adults alike to become a part of the story

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Explore Major Cities with momondo places

momondo places

Discover hidden gems!  Ever wonder what it would be like to be a local in one of the bigger cosmopolitan cities around the world? momondo places, a cool creation from Momondo, is exactly that. It’s an app that runs on your iPad and gives you the ins and outs of major cities like, New York, London, Barcelona and Rome, to name a few. It offers over 200 places to see, dine at and experience, sprinkled throughout each city, that take

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