Baby’s Brilliant – An All-In-One App to Keep Kids Busy

Baby's Brilliant app

Parents of little ones know all too well the struggle to find some quiet time. Naps only last so long, and playdates can oftentimes turn into struggles. If you are one of those parents, then you need Babys Brilliant. Not only will this app keep your kid occupied, it will actually help stimulate your child to think and grow. Designed by the perfect person who knows how to keep kids busy, a mom of three sat down one day and

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AtHome Camera – Protect and Connect using the Power of Your Device and an App

AtHome Camera

We all love our iPhones and iPads, and while we also love that we can video chat and Skype and do all sorts of live feed functions to feel connected socially, we often forget just how powerful our devices really are; and that they can be used more purposefully when needed. Now, many are probably wondering what that really means. Well, imagine if you will, you are out of town for the weekend, and you are a bit worried because

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GameTwist Casino – Selective Slots for the Taking

GameTwist Casino app

Looking for an experience like no other? Want to be in Vegas, but can’t make it this weekend? Download GameTwist Casino, and let the gaming begin! While an iPhone app is no substitute for a trip to Vegas, or even your local casino, GameTwist Casino offer 15 different slot games that you can download and play. At the onset, you get three games to download. Play well enough in those and then you can unlock the next level of slots

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OMG. I Can Meditate! Mindfulness App that Brings Calm for All

OMG I Can Meditate

If you are like me and you have never meditated before and are very interested in what it has to offer, know that you can find out about meditation and how to bring mindfulness into your life with simple taps and swipes. OMG. I Can Meditate! is an app that offers a myriad of meditative exercises from super novice to expert level. They have all been designed by Life Coach, Lynne Goldberg. Download to start a few sessions for free,

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GameTwist Slots – Super Slots Slide Symbols and Fun

GameTwist app

You can’t beat the thrill you feel when you’ve won on slots, as you hear the clamor of chimes that rings from the machine as a barrage of coins fall into the tray that sits before you. Ok, so now, there are no real coins, but Twists instead. If you long to play slots, love the thrill of seeing where the symbols align as each slowly makes it way to a stop, while you quickly scan the symbols that have

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Chemik app

Calling all chemists! Do you hate to type up all those complicated chemistry equations? Remembering to capitalize first characters and use lower case for the second, trying to remember what the symbols were and then writing them all out? Well, fear no more! takes away the pain of having to remember the intricacies of chemical reactions and how to notate them. It takes the periodic table that we all know and love, and turns it into a keyboard. Yes,

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Roulette Live Casino – Rendezvous with Roulette Fun

Roulette Live Casino app

The flash of lights and the boom of sounds, experience the buzz of excitement all around you as a suited up crowd passes around you, looking for a game of chance and a chance to mingle, shoulder to shoulder with fellow players. Feel like you are in Vegas, but be sitting in the comfort of home, or at work, or at a bus station. No matter where you are, if you have Live Roulette on your device, you have fun

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Whack Magic 2 – Wizarding Fun Whacking Away Monsters

It’s like Whack-a-Mole meets Hogwarts! Whack Magic 2 is a game where you have to zap monsters that slowly encroach upon the playing field before they get to you. Colorful and dynamic, Whack Magic 2 keeps players fully engrossed and on the edge of their seats. Teeming with monsters of all sorts, your job is to figure out their mode of destruction and wipe them out before they destroy you. You, as the player, are armed with a magic wand

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Poker Live Omaha & Texas – Online Poker Gaming Las Vegas Style

Poker Live Omaha & Texas

Can’t get together with your poker buddies? Don’t have any poker buddies? Ok, well, poker is not restricted to just the guys anymore, so for all of you who love a good game, you can now take the gaming table with you, wherever you go. Gone are the days when you have to wait for your Wednesday night poker party to hang with other and play a good game of bluff. All you have to do is download the Poker

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GoingPlaces – A Deluge of Travel Destinations at your Service!

GoingPlaces app

Finding your next travel destination is easier than you think! Ever sit and wonder about the places you will go to? Want an adventure that takes you far away, but not where others typically roam? GoingPlaces is the app for you. GoingPlaces will you have you, well, going places! Going to places that you may not have known existed, or going to places that are just around the corner. Its your choice. You get to explore from what seems like

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