Cool Comment.s Free – Font-tastic Way to Send Messages

Give your words that extra impact! If simple, everyday fonts just don’t seem to give your words that extra impact you are looking for, then Cool Comment.s Free is the app you need. Free to download, it comes loaded with a neat set of fonts that make every message you send mean that much more. Cool Comment.s Free is an app from Daneco Ltd. that provides users of various social media applications a new and unique set of fonts that

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Action Studio Movie Editor Pro – Edit Videos on Android

User-friendly and has a host of features! Everyone likes to share photos and videos of special and interesting events. There are so many platforms such as YouTube and Facebook as well as other social media sites where one can be able to share our stuff with the world. However, at times, what we may want to share may not exactly be as we want it to be; that is why we need to edit. There are quite a number of

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NetworkToolbox – Networking Management in Palms of Your Hands

Scans, analyzes and troubleshoots networking issues!  Looking to transform your mobile device into much more than you bargained for? By downloading NetworkToolbox from the Apple App Store onto either your iPhone or iPad, you can make your internet-powered device help you manage your network, and more. The app itself is loaded with an assortment of networking utilities that manage more, allowing users to stay on top of situations in a flash. It helps you scan, analyze and troubleshoot networking issues,

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Always BHappy – Happiness Through an App

Always BHappy

What put that smile there?  People constantly seek happiness, and while happiness is different for different people, we are all on the same quest. We wonder as we watch others who have smiles glowing on their faces, “What put that smile there?” We constantly question our very existence to understand why it is that certain things make us happy, while others easily get us down. Psychologists have done studies and understand just what makes different people happy. App innovator, Ana

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Web PC Suite – Work on Your Mobile from Computer

Web PC Suite app

Compatible with almost all the Android devices! Web PC Suite is an app that basically tries to achieve exactly what the name suggests. This app from GeekSoft tries to give users an easy time as they try to view their android phones on their PCs. The best thing about this app is that the entire process is done over the web so you’ll not need to use any cable. Let’s take a closer look at this app and see if it

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