Americans Love Their Smarphones

And iPhone Users are willing to spend more for apps 

A recent survey finds one third of Americans love their smartphones more than sex.

TeleNav, a consumer location-based services provider conducted a survey to find the influence of smartphones among the Americans. In this survey 70% of the participants opined that they would give up alcohol for a week, rather than losing their mobile phone for the same period of time. 33% of participants were ready to give up sex for a week rather than giving up the smartphone.


This survey also finds 62% of Android users have never spent more than US $1 for buying an app. 45% of iPhone users and 63 of BlackBerry users also haven’t spent more than a dollar on an app. Interestingly 50% of Android users and 43% of BlackBerry users believe that their phone reflect their sense of style, while 35% of iPhone users are happy with the style of their device.

Well, if you are a smart developer try to sell 200,000 apps at the rate of US $0.99, rather than looking to sell 100,000 apps at US $1.99

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