Have a Small Business? Then Use Apps

They are said to be boosting the productivity 

A series of recent studies suggest that a plenty of small businesses are using smartphone apps for their daily operations.

There is an app for anything and everything. It seems like small businesses too are inclining towards the using the mobile apps. In the US alone 72 percent of the small businesses are using apps for their businesses, while 70 percent of enterprise executives use at least one app for their business.


Small business owners are saying that they are saving 5.6 hours a week by using these apps. On the other hand employees have been saving 11.3 hours per week by them. If the saved time is converted to money, it amounts $275 for a week and $14,317 for a year. 49 percent of small business owners say they have been witnessing rise in sales and revenue using these apps, while 36 percent opines that apps cut overhead costs (see infographic).

On the whole it seems like there is a bright future for business apps.

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