Importance of Marketing an App

A process that is much more elaborate than development 

Recently I came across a reader, who wants us to help him in marketing his app. At present he has more than ten apps in the App Store and as far as I know, he had done nothing to market them. He asked us to run short and successful marketing campaign for a week. Now, I want share something about app marketing to our readers.

The app development is a one time process apart from those small updates. However, app marketing will be comparatively a bigger one, if the app fails to get what it deserves. It starts with optimizing app store description and PR publishing for the app launch, continues through review submissions and directory submissions and will end when the app reaches the stage, where it requires no marketing assistance.


If you want to be successful developer, you can do it with even one app. After having one ‘performing’ app at the App Store, you can move to the next app. The successful app that carries the name of your company will help your next app to get that initial recognition. You can also run in-app ad campaign for it. However, if your first app itself fails to get recognized, you really need to market it, if you think, you have a good app.

As iOS and Android apps combined total has reached the million mark, I hope developers would understand the importance of app marketing.

If you are planning to launch an app, contact us to make it a successful one.  

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