Standard Features for an App

Don’t miss them while developing one

Smartphone apps are available in various categories. However, while downloading an app, users expect to see some general features in them no matter which category they belong to. If you are developing an app, see that your are not going to miss them.

About: It is almost like the ‘About us’ page of a website. The developers can give information like their website, contact mail ID and Facebook fan page. They can also include a short note about them. This section can be found in most of the apps. However, some of the Android apps are missing them.


Help: ‘Help’ or ‘Instruction’ section is needed for users to guide them. No matter how simple an app is, it definitely needs some instructions. Popular apps like Facebook can afford to miss it, but don’t let your app to do. One can see many Android apps and a fraction of the iOS apps without this feature.

Share: People desperately want to ‘share’ everything with their friends. If they like your app, you should give them an easy way to ‘promote’ it. This feature can easily advertise your app, if you have developed a good one. Don’t let away the chance to gain some free advertising.

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