Locai – Losing Users by Name

The situation stresses the importance of finding a right name 

Locai app is facing failure due to the autocorrect feature of Android.

Locai is a location based service, along the lines of Foursquare with a heavier focus on conversations. Few weeks back it launched its own app in the App Store. It got a fair amount of success which makes it to proceed to the Android version. The whole story starts here.locai-app-screenshot

Few days after launching this app, it seems like it was completely lost in the Android Market. After some investigation, Locai manages to locate the issue. Android Market has been autocorrecting all searches for “Locai” into “local”. As the result no Andorid user could find this app in the Market. Please try yourself to search for this app in your Android device, we bet you could never find it. Don’t have a device? Please visit here.

This interesting issue really demonstrates the importance of naming the app correctly.

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