Nielson Revealed the Names of Super Apps

Google and Facebook ruling the Android

You may have read our story about Nielson’s report on 10 super apps that have been ruling the Android Market. The marketing analysis firm Nielson has revealed the names of those apps in its “All About Android” webinar.

Understandably the Android Market app is in the top position with more than 90% usage, while Google Maps (74.6%) and Gmail (74.5%) following it. Social networking giant Facebook is in forth position and Google Search gets the sixth. YouTube, Advanced Task Killer Free, Angry Birds, QuickofficePro and Pandora Radio are other top players.


This survey has also revealed the differences in Android app usage between men and women. Apart from the Android Market app, men prefer to use Google Maps, while women going for Facebook. Facebook accounts for only 66% of usage among the Android men users, but it accounts for 81% usage from women

The top 10 apps account for 43 percent of all activity in Android mobile, while another 8 percent is grabbed by the next 10 apps.

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