Hollywood Architecture Spinner App Review

Know the architectural taste of Hollywood 

I always have this inclination towards downloading and using new apps. When you know nothing about the app, there would be always some thrill in using it and if it ends up as a good one that would really encourage your efforts. Today I found one interesting app in the Android Market – Hollywood Architecture Spinner. hollywood-architecture-spinner-screenshot

This app is all about exploring the architectural beauties of the Hollywood district of Los Angeles. Hollywood Architecture spinner has eight stories with associated photography. After launching this app users could see a wheel at the bottom of the screen with the preview image of one of the stories. If they want to see it in high-resolution they can get it by touching the icons at the bottom of the preview image. Users can move on to the next image by selecting another number from the wheel. They can make the wheel to spin by touching the preview image.

hollywood-architecture-spinnerI think one should really appreciate the efforts of developers as they have used some exclusive images for this app. However, people can find these kinds of images easily in the Internet if they want. Users of small screen devices should avoid it as they may face some difficulties in running this app. One would really expect to see something more when it comes to an “app”. The developers site has literally nothing to support this Hollywood Architecture Spinner.

This app is a new entry to Android Market and we spoke to the developers about it. They told us that it is just a “Lite” version and there would be a more extensive Pro version loaded with more stories and other interesting options. This free app is running version 0.033.0002 and requires Android 2.2.

Rating: 2/ 10

Download Hollywood Architecture Spinner here

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