Branding For a Smartphone App

Have you done it for your app? 

Branding is important for any business. It shows your customers that you are serious about it. I have listed a few things that could help developers in branding their app. Please make it sure you have them if you have an app.

Website: You app really needs a site –  not a blog or a web page. This site should include all the essential details such as How to use, FAQ, app screenshots, App Store or Android page links, highlights of the app and other things.


Home Screen: You may have an app that does load in no time. However, don’t allow your users to directly get into it. Have good home screen presentation before letting them. The home screen must be a well designed one that have the name of the app among all other things.

Updating: Your app must me updated regularly, though you have an app that has zero bugs. Failing to update means that you are letting your app to die. People will always look for the update date before downloading the app.

Ads: If you are going to “sell” your app, never include ads in it. People won’t like to pay for ads, even if you have an Angry Birds. There is some decorum for including apps in free apps too. You should not place them, wherever you want. You can find apps loaded with ads in the Android Market. This idea is never going to work. Act smart while including ads. Users should not hate those ads. They should click them to earn you some bucks.

We think these few things would help young developers to come up with some presentable applications. If you want any help in this area, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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