“Free Music Download Pro” Downloads Songs Without Syncing

Get all the free music on your device!

One of the biggest problems in adding songs to the iPhone is that they need to be synced using the iTunes program. iOS 5 and 6 have made it a bit easier, but many are unconvinced with the idea of downloading songs in the computer and transferring it to iDevice. A few apps look to change this.

“Free Music Download Pro” – Downloader and Player can help in downloading all your favorite songs directly to your iPhone. Therefore, you don’t have to purchase them through iTunes store or download and sync them through the iTunes desktop application – just locate the music on your favorite website and download them to your device.

free music download pro

This app is a convenient combo of browser and music library. After launching “Free Music Download Pro”, users can find the information area of the developer’s website in the in-app browser. This webpage explains everything in-detail. They can use this browser launch any website that supports music downloads.

These downloaded files will be added to the in-app music library, so that users can play them whenever they want. “Free Music Download Pro” also supports video downloads. However, deleting the app will erase all the downloaded files with it.

free music download pro

I want to point out an interesting thing – users can’t add these downloaded songs to the music library straight from “Free Music Download Pro”. If they want to move them, they need to move them to the computer and through iTunes they can get them to the music library. Probably, it has something to do with Apple’s policy rather than app’s functionality. This app doesn’t offer any music, but it makes it easy for the users to download and hear their favorite music.

“Free Music Download Pro” is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app originally costs USD 3.99, but is available on sale for USD 0.99. “Free Music Download Pro” – Free Music Downloader and Player is the free version of it. I think, these apps can make syncing a thing of the past.

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