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One thing that human beings will always do come rain or sunshine is to communicate. We are social beings and thus communication is a basic need. We always have to interact with one another and that is why communication channels, apps and software are needed. However, with improved technology and better equipment such as smart phones; communication has been made easier and faster. Furthermore social media has increased interaction and communication by a very big margin. Nonetheless despite all these developments and advancements, one of the biggest concerns when it comes to communication is security. It has often emerged that most of the communication channels are not secure enough which ends up with the privacy of individual being infringed. However, there are software such as SJ im which strives to offer a secure platform where people can communicate safely without having to worry about their privacy.

As mentioned earlier, SJ im is a communication software that can be used with any other channel that supports XMPP protocol such Google Talk, Jabber, AOL and many more. This software is compatible with XMPP server and this will make communication a lot more fast as well as being secure. The app is simple and has a host of user friendly features that will ensure that you enjoy using the app. The main aspect of this application is secure communication and thus all the information that is passed through it will be heavily encrypted. Furthermore, even the files sent and shared across users will be password protected and there is no loophole for anyone or anything to gain access to private information.

SJ im

This software may be heavily encrypted in order to be very secure but it is user friendly. You wouldn’t have to break a sweat in order to understand how the software works. However, even before you have understood the working of this software you should have it in your device. The app is available at play store and what you need to do is to download and install in your android device. This is process is fairly simple and straight forward and thus it wouldn’t take much of your time.

After you have the app installed in your device you will be good to go. The app will launch and everything else will just be to follow steps. There is nothing hard that can be a problem comprehending. Furthermore there are a host of features which will also make your life easier. The graphics are of the highest quality and the homepage is attractive to the eye.

While using SJ im you can be sure that your right to privacy is respected and there will be no one having access to your private information. Every message is encrypted and every file sent is password protected and so there is no security loophole. SJ im is a unique and very safe software but it also comes with its fair share of problems. The app has got some compatibility issues with some types of phones and this makes it quite challenging to use. The developers of the app should look into this and solve the problem soon. Nonetheless this is a good app.

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