WaterBall! – Remarkable Physics Stunning Graphics

Simple game executed so very well!

This is definitely not the first game or app with a concept that revolves around a ball jumping through hoops and obstacles. However, WaterBall! proves to be more than just “that kind of game”, since it offers more challenge and, consequently, more hours of fun spent playing.

WaterBall! is marketed as a game with a simple jump mechanics, integrated with puzzles that will prove to be very challenging and exciting at the same time. In fact, the word “brain-melting” was even used to describe the level of difficulty of the puzzles incorporated into the app. In the game, the player has to steer, manipulate, and maneuver the single ball through levels of puzzling mazes and bricks. Needless to say, each level’s puzzle is more complex than the previous one.

A huge part of the beauty of WaterBall! is its simplicity. It is definitely a simple game, but executed so very well that everybody who plays always leaves impressed. Take note, however, that although the game is simple, we did not say that it is very easy. After all, more than just a jumping-ball game, WaterBall! is a puzzle game, so expect some major brain-teasing action. Its levels of difficulty as the ball moves from one level to the next also increase accordingly. As the levels become much more difficult, the feeling of great achievement at passing each stage also increases dramatically. And isn’t that what we are all after whenever we play a puzzle game?


Because that is exactly what we get from WaterBall! It is not a simple case of moving the ball from one level to the next. Each level poses a tricky puzzle that you have to solve, maneuvering the ball through the puzzle in order to progress to the next level. We also have to praise WaterBall! for its remarkable physics and stunning graphics. This combination makes for a highly enjoyable time playing with the app. It looks clean, and there is no clutter to distract players from the main objective of the game. The colors are easy on the eyes and, unlike other games, do not have the tendency to be overwhelming or cause eye strain. We can totally picture playing this game for hours on end.

It’s amazing when played on tablets and despite the smaller size, the app is equally amazing when played on smartphones. To enjoy the game you only need a supported device and you’ll be all set. It works on devices running on Android 2.3 and any other later version of the operating system. You only need to download, install and play! We have said that simplicity is WaterBall’s greatest strength. But, just like a double-edged sword, it is also its biggest weakness.

There is a high likelihood that users who love action-packed games may find that it does not have enough ‘game’ to it. That aside, that the puzzles are challenging and exciting in their own right, there are simply some users who crave for more – more excitement, more challenge, more ‘game’. WaterBall! might just not cut it for them. Nonetheless, be sure that the app will keep you glued to your screen as you try to get to the next level.

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