Musical Pairs – Mind-Building Musical Matching Game

A great way to fill your time! 

In a test of your auditory abilities, Musical Pairs brings the challenge of memory and matching to sounds from the well-known memory game we used to play with cards. The twist here is that you match and pair sounds, not sights.

The game is played solo, so you can download it and play on your own. It serves as a great way to fill your time when you cannot escape a wait. Not only that, it gives you a chance to exercise the neurons in your brain, keeping them strong and at the ready for just about anything, in a different way. It features eight different levels of difficulty, so you can hone your skills and work your way up. Sounds and pieces are created from four musical instruments across three pitch ranges: bass, mid and treble. The arrangements offered span over five octaves, so there is a wide variety of sounds that can either trip you up or provide great entertainment.

Musical Pairs

While Muscial Pairs is offered as a game, it can serve a very practical purpose, as well. For those of you with kids in music classes, this game provides a great way for kids to hone in on notes, sounds, pitches and inflections as they attempt to remember what they heard and match it up with its twin. For those needing auditory therapy, it serves as a great tool and game to exercise different neural functions related to sounds. The multiple levels of difficulty make it a great game for all. Most kids are OK with games that progress quickly in challenges, however, for those of us that are a bit older, the slower progression is a welcome change. It also helps make this a great game for those who are older and hard of hearing, so as to help them focus on sounds and maybe bring back a little more of what they used to have.

Those suffering from other deficiencies can benefit, as well. The test of memory through sound helps initiate the firing and executing of neural paths that otherwise may not get exercised. Educators and parents alike will find functional use in this app. Simple to use, the app pops up a choice of several tunes to choose and listen to. You then have to hone in on the sounds and pair them up correctly. The nice thing about this game is that you don’t lose lives and no one dies. You just keep trying if you did not get it right the first time. There is no pressure.

The interface is also clean and simple. The colors are engaging, so it’s easy to pick and choose and make your matches. It also makes the game a bit more fun with all the colors splashed across the screen. The only thing that concerns is the variety of music, which I hope gets expanded over time. It would be nice to choose from different genres, because some tend to hear certain types of music better than others, and the game becomes more customized that way.

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