Audials Radio Player Recorder With Sleep Timer

Audials Radio Player Recorder is a radio app with the ability to record clips from radio stations as a MP3. The homepage for the app contains blocks with different radio stations in each. There is a blue block for the Radio and a purple block for Podcast. At the bottom of this screen you will find your recordings, a block labeled My Music which contains the music on the device and My Videos which holds the videos from the device.

The app does more than simply record music. The menu tab at the top right gives you a list of options for settings and different features. You can manage your account, schedule a recording or change design. The features include an alarm clock, a sleep timer and the other recording capabilities. The layout is very clear and easy to understand.

Audials app

Audials boasts features such as:

  1. Access Top US Internet Radio Stations
  2. Includes a Clock Radio
  3. Radio Recorder
  4. Fast Zapping Between Radio Stations
  5. Over 100,000 Podcasts
  6. Stream to Airplay and Chromecast
  7. Equalizer
  8. SD Memory Card and Cloud Manager
  9. Wireless Music Syncing

Once you click on one of the blocks it pops up like a normal music player. At the top are tabs for listen, record, similar, news and zapping. The home and menu tab are also conveniently located at the top right corner. The buffering is very minimal before the music or podcast begins to play. One of the conveniently available stations is the BBC station for 90s/ Grunge/ Top 40.

The most challenging part of the app is finding the search area. It is not located on the main homepage and the only thing that is similar is the Add Radio Station Manually part of the menu tab. Once you click on the suggestions block there is a search symbol at the top right of the screen as well as a list of suggested stations to listen to. You can search by podcast, author, genre, location or station. Though the search tab is difficult to find it is extremely easy to use once it is located.

Audials Radio Player Recorder can be used for many things and is convenient to use. It provides the opportunity to set an alarm, to record your favorite song or podcast and the ability to set a sleep timer for the app so it does no remain playing music all day. Overall, this app is easy to use and provides easy ways to record music and set timers. The search feature is difficult to find but easy to use once it is located.

get it on google playRating: 8/10

Price: Free

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