Curling Buddies – Swipe and Send Curling Stones to Their Targets

Ok, well maybe you won’t be really playing with curling stones, but you will be swiping to send virtual players, a.k.a. Curling buddies, that act like stones on a curling track. They are actually characters you get to choose from and you use your swiping agility to get them to where they need to land so you earn coins and move up the levels.

Curling Buddies is the game to try if you have always had a fascination with curling, but never really wanted to play the real thing. This app is an easy download and features straightforward game play. You get one character to start with for free. Then you set her on a course for success by carefully swiping her towards the rings where she needs to stop.

At each level, successful swipes will earn you stars. Get three stars and move on to the next level. While it sounds easy, it actually takes a few tries before you get the hang of it. Once you start moving up in levels the game makes sure it’s challenging enough to keep you going without completely turning you off.

At the bottom left of the screen, you’ll see a swipe strength meter, which will help you gauge how long or short you should swipe. Longer swipes result in higher speeds, which may not always be to your advantage. It’s up to you to try a few swipes until you get a feel for what needs to be done. The upper right corner is a tracker of your progress, so you can see how many tries you’ve got left and how you are doing.

If you don’t do well, no worries. You can redo the current set over and over again until you get enough points. Points are awarded for completing the track without wiping out, and you get extra points for collecting diamonds.

Curling Buddies screenshot

I’d like to say that collection of diamonds was not easy, as oftentimes, they were surrounded by people or items that you would simply bombard into and bounce off of. Sometimes there were ramps to avoid and others that you had to traverse to make to the finish line, or more correctly, circle. If this could be changed or better explained, it would be nice.

What I did like was the variety of players to choose from. Collect coins and earn points and the app will automatically unlock more interesting players and challenges. What was really fun and so in tune with current hysteria is the zombie game. This takes you out of the traditional curling on ice and places you in the city, where you curl your zombie down the street, avoiding other zombies and different types of roadblocks.

If you are looking for a new game to play and are tired of the outer space shooters and war games, give Curling Buddies a try. It’s new, it’s unique and it will keep you entertained for quite some time.


Rating: 9.5 /10
Price: Free

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  • In the traditional game of curling, one hurls the stone along a path to find its way within the bounds of any of the concentric circles that await at the other end. Obstacles along the way may be the opponent’s stone or stones. In Curling Buddies, your stone is your character. You get one default to start with, and you can make in app purchases or earn coins to “upgrade”.

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