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kotoca – Organized Thoughts Create an Organized Life

Have you ever had a thought come to you while you were in the middle of something else, only to find that when you were ready to jot it down along with the details that go with, you couldn’t remember what it was? It was brilliant, but now it’s gone. Well, now you don’t have to lose those thoughts or great ideas. Now you can keep them, in an organized way, using Kotoca.

Kotoca is a productivity app that provides a clean and easy to use interface to help you create workspaces that house thoughts, plans, ideas, lists and more. It allows for easy creation of these workspaces, which are called Books, and to keep them in a way that works best for you. That’s where the easy organization part comes in.

The app has two main screens. There’s a Book List and Recent. Book List shows you all of the Books you have. After downloading the free app, you’ll see it comes equipped with some Books: Todo, Book report, Trip album, Household account. These are all samples and give you an idea of how you can organize your projects or thoughts from a high level, and how they break down into more specific tasks.

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Under the main Todo Book, you’ll see there are “chapters” called Today, Upcoming and Someday. The app has created these, but you can edit the names. To create an item you tap on the plus sign at the very bottom and it opens a screen that allows you to name the item and define when it’s due, if and when you want an alert, and all sorts of other details.

Anyhow, beside each chapter, you’ll see a plus sign. This lets you create an item under a chapter. So, it’s easy to create tasks, lists and more directly under each chapter, and not have to worry about moving it around after it’s created.

The neat thing about the app is that you can upload documents and pictures and it even supports OCR (optical character recognition); although, OCR is only supported in the premium version of the app.

Kotoca also allows for a bit of personalization by offering different colors and design themes. By default, the app uses a Classic theme, which I personally found a bit boring. A more lively and colorful them is Crystal, designed by Everaldo Coelho. You can play around with both to see which works best.

Once you’ve got several items in your books and chapters, it’s easy to move them around by keeping one tapped and then moving it up and down to order them as you wish.

The one thing I did not like about the app was the ads that seem to be a permanent fixture at the bottom of the screen. I can ignore them, but they take up valuable app real estate, forcing you to scroll up and down to see all of your items.

As with all apps, using one for a while is always wise. I would highly recommend trying this one out to help you organize your life, and if you find that you like what it has to offer, then you can expand on it by purchasing the premium version. Either way, you come out ahead, and will be able to keep your thoughts straight.


Rating:  8/ 10
Price: Free

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