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Front Runners Game Is a Perfect App for Your Revolutionary Children

Children and their addiction to games have always been an issue. As an increasing number of 4-11-year olds now getting access to smartphones, a lot of them are already hooked on to these devices and the games on them. We’re seeing less and less of good old-fashioned games like duck-duck-goose, and hula hoops, and more and more of iPads, TVs, and video game consoles. However, there is always a bright side to it. The golden lining here is that the logic development in the children happens much better when they play games. Front Runners is a powerful endless-runner game app for the development of your children brain as it gives the kids an estimation of the angles and a subconscious mathematical assumption happens inside the brain.

There are of course many other ways for developing the logic of a child, but gaming is one of the best ways. Games like Front Runners is a positive influence for children, as it lets them learn many things such as proper hand-eye co-ordination at a young age. Unlike watching TV, if you put a young child in front of a TV, he vegs out.

Front Runners also trains their reflexes to be alert and smart at a very early age and it is something that develops later in life. It’s a game that trains their brains to respond to stimuli quickly.

Front Runner

The art style of the game is animated and colourful, pretty much cartoonish, which attracts both children and grown-ups. The major motive of the setting is a political candidate that is trying to escape from his opponents and Coronavirus, which to a certain extent reflects reality as well, as there are still some escalations of unrest in most of the countries. They are adaptive, fast-paced, and keep kids attentive and persistent. Moreover, Front Runners is an effective tool for learning resilience in the face of failure. By learning to cope with ongoing failures in the game, children build emotional resilience that they can rely upon in their everyday lives.

Although this game is indeed a sort of help for the development of the brain in children, it has a drawback which is it must be ensured that it does not affect their social life as well. For their innocent minds, they are just having fun, but only we the adults who have grown up in a different kind of environment, realize that the kids get addicted easily to these games while they should go out and socialize.

Front Runners app is safe for kids and this game does not feature any cartoon violence. The game does not contain any feature that could harm a child’s psychology. There is a simple run on the streets to collect votes and coins, and if there is a collision, the game ends without blood or injury in the scene. It’s simple and promotes the development of a child’s motor skills.


Rating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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