Pepi Wonder World – A Pretend Play Game for Kids that Boosts Cognitive Learning

Do you remember those role-playing games that you as a kid enjoyed more than anything else? They were not only engaging but also the first step towards learning and exploring the curiosity of our minds. Like with all things going digital nowadays, how could this be left behind? Therefore, Pepi Play is offering you a marvelous app called Pepi Wonder World, where you can let your kid re-enact those same childhood fairytales and stories that you enacted in your dollhouse. The only difference is that technology has made the experience much more interactive and alluring than you could have imagined in days of yore. Read on to find out more about the app and then head straight to the Play Store and download it on your Android device for free to unravel one of the best learning games for kids.

The first thing that catches the eye is the stunning graphics, which are both jaunty and topflight. The enigmatic background score lends an air of mystery and wonder to the whole experience. Pepi Wonder World is truly remarkable in its ability to grab and hold onto your attention at first glance. Now, before hitting the play button, you would want to go to the “Dear Parents” menu to learn a little bit about the game (although it’s super easy). There you will find a quick guide about the game, some hints, and settings. Because Pepi Wonder World is intended for toddlers and preschoolers, it is highly advisable that parents engage with their kids in the game: not only will it help the kids learn better, it will leave you with plenty of warm memories down the road. The built-in screen recording can take you to the stories you create anytime.

Talking about the gameplay, Pepi Wonder World surprised me with its attention to detail and extensiveness. There are four islands in the game where you can play, namely, King’s Castle, Dragon Mountain, Witch House and Dragon Playground. Each of these offers various scenarios, characters, and landscapes, around which you can create your own stories. The characters include more than 60 fairy tale dwellers like knights, princesses, gnomes, dragons, monsters, and many other popular ones like Robin Hood. The player can move these characters anywhere and also make them do many things such as play a flute or eat a fruit. There are many different sounds and animations to make the gameplay more interesting for kids, something that was not there in the classic dollhouse. Pepi Wonder World has so many magical things to explore that your kid will never get bored: from a spell lab to transform your characters into spooky creatures to a music chamber, there are limitless features to discover and enjoy. It really opens up the chest of curiosity and experimentation, which aids learning and personality development. Apart from honing creativity, the game also helps develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination with its multitouch feature. What is praiseworthy is the fact that all of this learning does not come at the cost of having fun. What more could you ask than for your kid to be able to learn while he plays? Win-win for both.

Pepi Wonder World does wonder with the concept of pretend play games for kids. But while it is free to download, you may have to pay to unlock all the scenarios in the game. You can also watch ads to unlock a stage for a temporary period. I would not suggest the latter for it is annoying, and the in-app purchases are not that expensive. What I found unnecessary was the kid lock, because there is nothing in the game that your kid can tinker with and mess up.

Pepi Wonder World takes a simple concept and combines it with off-the-wall inventiveness to offer a superb learning game for kids, and it does so with atypical seamlessness. With future updates and more scenarios added to it, the game is going to be the best in its class. I am sure you and your kid will thoroughly enjoy it.

get it on google playRating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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