Get Your Adrenaline Pumping with Racing Xperience

The thrills, the blood rush, the blast of adrenaline is what we all feel when we hear engines revving. Everyone wants to be in a car race, to feel the excitement but of course, not everyone knows how to drive a race car, or handle a steering wheel without fretting. Yes, you can go to race tracks and watch other people race, yes it gives you some excitement but here is what it doesn’t do. It doesn’t get your adrenaline

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SeoSamba Mobile CRM Lead Tracking App Helps Customer Relationship Management

One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is time management. Questions like whether you have found the right lead for your company or if you can keep a prospect or not,  keep many businesses disorganized as they do not have the right management system. Imagine your business is climbing up, sales are increasing at the right percentage but you do not have the right amount of time to keep track with the prospects you already have. It is possible

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Escape the Real World with Tiger Adventure Run Game

Because playing online games requires us sitting in front of a screen, it is often being perceived negatively. However, games require a level of interaction and skill from the player; unlike watching television, which is more passive. Gaming has elements of escapism. The idea of escapism simply means that gamers play to get away from the frustrations of reality. With Tiger-Adventure Run game, the players enter an alternative world, often more fantastical or appealing than their own. The psychological need

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HibiDo – A Multi-Functional Organizer, Task Management, and Note-Taking App

HibiDo app

Staying focused and organized in the fast-paced world of today is the key to a successful and healthy life. But it is easier said than done. When you are constantly swamped with multiple tasks day in day out, it becomes almost impossible to do so. Luckily, modern technology can come to your aid and allow you to get some headspace by helping you manage your tasks better. HibiDo app is one such innovation that can make a tremendous impact on

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SafeToNet App SafeGuards Your Children

As a parent in today’s digital age, I am concerned about my child’s safety, particularly when it comes to what they can access on their smartphones.  With all of the new developments in technology, adults and guardians need to be savvy with what is being shared with their kids. I am well aware of the dangers that lurk on the Net, from bullying to violent images to sexual exploitation.  But as an older adult who did not grow with the

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GettinLocal – Travel Assistant App Offers Great Local Deals

GettinLocal app

Traveling has become an integral part of our lives in the modern world. Until a few centuries ago, only a few adventurous folks like merchants and missionaries would move beyond their local frontiers. But nowadays, whether it’s for business or vacation, everyone is widely traveling around the globe. Though modern communications and transport have made the activity pretty convenient, it is still a daunting task to venture into the unknown: a new town, a different dialect, and a unique people

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Offline Puzzle Viking Lumberjack Challenges Your Wit

Do you know what happens when a storyline inspired by Viking folklore meets a puzzle interface akin to the classic Pac-Man? It creates one of the most addictive and engaging gameplays out there in the puzzle genre. I am talking about Viking Lumberjack: a fun and challenging puzzle game that will keep you entertained for weeks on end. The developers have combined the aspects of a maze game with an interesting pre-historic Viking theme to offer a brain teaser loaded

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How to Copy Android Phone Data to PC – Droid Transfer

Droid Transfer app

Has it bothered you how transferring data from an Android device to a PC is an annoyingly slow and complex process?  Are you tired of using those free Apps that bombard you with ads whenever you try to transfer your favorite music or those vacation pictures on your phone to your computer? Droid Transfer may come to your rescue in this case. Developed by the well-known Wide Angle Software, it allows a fast and seamless transfer of data between your

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