ERH Residents Makes Recovery from Addiction Seamless and Easy

Substance dependence and addiction is a serious problem that our society faces today. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 1 out of 8 American adults battled with alcohol and substance use disorder in 2017. Recovery and sober living services such as those provided by Eudaimonia is a boon to many such people who are aiming to improve their lives. With the launch of an app called ERH Residents, Eudaimonia’s program of providing sober living homes to

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JustStream Mirrors Your Mac to TV Wirelessly

JustStream app

Streaming is the hot thing now. Most people have cut ties with cable and have moved on to options that are more flexible and affordable. Streaming is offered from a variety of sources that consumers now don’t need to worry about getting stuck with cable accounts or satellite connections, which both require additional costs when things don’t work. Issues with streaming arise when you don’t have easy connectivity in place. With this I mean not having to connect your device

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Comic Draw App Helps Comic Creation on iPads

Comic Draw.

If you are fan of comics and love creating them even more, then you might get a kick out of Comic Draw. Even if you are not into writing comics and are more a fan of the graphics, this app turns your iPad into an art studio packed with all the tools and accessories you need to make magic. A graphics pen is a must-have, otherwise taking advantage of all the great tools will go to waste. You can use

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Easily Share Quality 4K Videos to YouTube and Instagram

Video resolutions

In today’s world, we have the luxury of being able to take videos, long or short, on a variety of devices. For those of us who are more adventurous, we may choose to shoot those videos using a GoPro, or something similar to that. Whether you want to post that beautiful sunset you saw while on vacation or the thrilling last-minute touchdown at a game, you know that there can be challenges to making sure the video you post is

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Keep Unwanted Calls at Bay with tellows

tellows app

As high tech has paved the way to various forms of communication that we can take with us wherever we go, we are also blessed with the onslaught of spammers. While we never mean to share out cell phone number with unintended recipients, it gets out there. There a lots of ways you can keep unnecessary interruptions from diverting your time. You can turn off your device, you can mute it or you can put it away. None of those

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Alpacr – The Best Travel App

Alpacr app

Often times, you need a good guide to help you explore the city, irrespective of your purpose of visit. On the other hand, you might have visited some place and want to leave behind a review for any other person. In such cases, you wish you had an app that could do both of them, and that is exactly what Alpacr is! It is like a travel album or a blog for any travel enthusiast out there by you, where

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Maja App Helps You Find and Provide Help to Those Around You

Maja app

The world has become a whirlwind of places to be and things to do. We also find ourselves wandering farther and farther away from what used to be home, which means you don’t always have your family and childhood friends around to help out. So, how do you find help when you need it most? How can you offer up your services and assistance to those around you, making your community a stronger and sounder place to be? The answer

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Save the Day on a Spaceship – Spacemite

Spacemite app

Easy to say and do as a normal size astronaut, but what if you were a tiny mite, with the characteristics of a human, who worked on a spaceship, making sure everything was in tip-top shape so the pilots could do their job? While you might be small is size, you provide a great deal of help and assistance to the crew. Now, imagine that the spaceship has been attacked by aliens that are also too small to see. It’s

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