Save the Day on a Spaceship – Spacemite

Spacemite app

Easy to say and do as a normal size astronaut, but what if you were a tiny mite, with the characteristics of a human, who worked on a spaceship, making sure everything was in tip-top shape so the pilots could do their job? While you might be small is size, you provide a great deal of help and assistance to the crew. Now, imagine that the spaceship has been attacked by aliens that are also too small to see. It’s

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VDV MATCH 3 RPG: ZOMBIES – Use Your Candy Crush Skills to Kill Zombies

VDV Zombies game

VDV MATCH 3 RPG: ZOMBIES is a fun game where your army of soldiers land into a place infested with zombies and it is your task to have the place get rid of those walking-dead creatures. You start with 4 soldiers and slowly build your army, turning the place from a zombie infested area to a habitable zone. At first appearance, VDV MATCH 3 RPG: ZOMBIES seems like a hybrid of first person shooting game combined with a “match 3”

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