Keep Unwanted Calls at Bay with tellows

tellows app

As high tech has paved the way to various forms of communication that we can take with us wherever we go, we are also blessed with the onslaught of spammers. While we never mean to share out cell phone number with unintended recipients, it gets out there. There a lots of ways you can keep unnecessary interruptions from diverting your time. You can turn off your device, you can mute it or you can put it away. None of those

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Alpacr – The Best Travel App

Alpacr app

Often times, you need a good guide to help you explore the city, irrespective of your purpose of visit. On the other hand, you might have visited some place and want to leave behind a review for any other person. In such cases, you wish you had an app that could do both of them, and that is exactly what Alpacr is! It is like a travel album or a blog for any travel enthusiast out there by you, where

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Maja App Helps You Find and Provide Help to Those Around You

Maja app

The world has become a whirlwind of places to be and things to do. We also find ourselves wandering farther and farther away from what used to be home, which means you don’t always have your family and childhood friends around to help out. So, how do you find help when you need it most? How can you offer up your services and assistance to those around you, making your community a stronger and sounder place to be? The answer

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Save the Day on a Spaceship – Spacemite

Spacemite app

Easy to say and do as a normal size astronaut, but what if you were a tiny mite, with the characteristics of a human, who worked on a spaceship, making sure everything was in tip-top shape so the pilots could do their job? While you might be small is size, you provide a great deal of help and assistance to the crew. Now, imagine that the spaceship has been attacked by aliens that are also too small to see. It’s

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VDV MATCH 3 RPG: ZOMBIES – Use Your Candy Crush Skills to Kill Zombies

VDV Zombies game

VDV MATCH 3 RPG: ZOMBIES is a fun game where your army of soldiers land into a place infested with zombies and it is your task to have the place get rid of those walking-dead creatures. You start with 4 soldiers and slowly build your army, turning the place from a zombie infested area to a habitable zone. At first appearance, VDV MATCH 3 RPG: ZOMBIES seems like a hybrid of first person shooting game combined with a “match 3”

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