Awaken the Child in You with Rain Balls

Rain Balls

If you are a parent of one or a bunch, or someone who isn’t a parent yet, but loves kids, you could totally relate to the following scenario. All kids, irrespective of how old they are, love to play games on smartphones. When you are all worked up and too tired to take care of your kid, you either switch on your smart TV for some rhymes or give them your Smartphone so that you can take a small break.

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Discover Your True Self in the Sixth Extinction Game

Adventure games are unique games that fall into a particular category or fits into various categories all at once. These games are explicitly designed to take you on the adventure of your life. They can be anything ranging from shooting games to action, thriller, and horror, to puzzle games. People, especially teens, are in search of games that can not only entertain them but also challenge their wits. Such games are a rarity when it comes to Android’s play-store games.

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Learn Basic Survival Skills through Roebuck App

Roebuck app

In a world so digital and modern, our needs are met so conveniently. Relaxing on a cozy couch in the comfort of our home, we get all our As to Zs done effortlessly. All goes well until a disaster of some sort strikes us. After a very stressful day at work, you choose to finish your work off from home and return home to very breezy evening weather. The pleasant climate lures you out and entices you to go for

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Drish – An Adventure Game You Can Play All Day

Drish app

When you are in no mood to work and feel like taking a break from the fast-paced digital world, mobile games are the best alternatives to relax your mind and unwind. While there are so many play store games out there, there are only a handful of games that will give you the pleasure of playing and the satisfaction of winning. They are the best way to examine your reflexes. Though there are a variety of action games like shooting

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Hamster Break – An Excellent Way to Kill Time

Hamster Break game

Brick breaking or Breakout clones is the perfect game for you during lonely times as it gives users direct control to use Hamster to hunt for food. This game is an excellent way to kill time or keep the young ones engaged. As the genre of the game gives a player an unending possibility to more food. If you have enjoyed playing the Atari breakout game, then the Hamster game is up for trial as you will love it. Quick

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Challenge Your Brain to Find Differences That You Ordinarily Overlook

Spot the Difference app

Importance of ‘find the difference’ games! Find the difference or spot the difference games are the ones that belong to the logical set of games and puzzles using which a person can not only enjoy but also learn. These kinds of games are also popular among parents as these “find the difference” help kids learn new stuff, achieve an educational edge, and also in getting entertainment for free. We want you to know that these games are more important than

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Softros Office LAN chat – A Secure and Instant Network Messenger

The Softros Office Messenger for LAN is not just another messaging app out there in the Internet space. It is a very secure and trustworthy networking message app that is used in corporate Local Area Network (LAN). With just a tap, the chat application can be downloaded and installed on your device. This app comes in handy as it has several features such as instant messaging notifications from other users, you can send personal messages and create a group chat

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Vulture Increases the Life Span of Batteries


Vulture is a user-friendly application that is capable of capturing the attention of the lucky individuals who download it and takes advantage. The application is available on both Amazon and the google play store for the wonderful price of USD 0.99. The logo is very easy to spot out because it is a bright-colored vulture, and there is no other application that you will find similar. Vulture is a social network application that enables users to connect to their profile

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