InstaCar – Social Media for Car Lovers


Calling all car lovers!  If your head spins every time you see a snazzy car pull up or drive by, and you just have to share the moment with a friend, or with other car-crazed fans, then InstaCar is the app for you. Sounds just like that all too familiar app that everyone has on hand to share a quick and quirky moment, and only keep up for a temporary time, this app is just for those precious car moments.

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Nimbus Note – Organized and On the Go!

Nimbus Note app

Fairly Functional and extremely easy to use!  Effective management of time and information requires tools that facilitate the same. We all have been in a situation where an amazing idea strikes us, and if we don’t jot it down there and then, it will be all but lost. Such a tool must make it easy to capture these critical moments and, equally as efficiently, retrieve them with ease. You get that and more with Nimbus Note – Notes and TODO.

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Lead, Manage and Grow Your Life with Life Organizer

Life Organizer app

Plan everything from one place!  The days of diary or day-planner toting are now gone. Yes, you will find a few who cannot give up pen and paper and thrive on being able to jot a note down; but, to really stay on top of what’s going on in your life, at work and at home, there’s an app for that! OK, well maybe more than just one app. Today, you can find a multitude of work management apps that

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Live a Healthier Life with Calorie Counter Macros Diet

Calorie Counter Macros Diet

A colorful way to track your calorie intake! The Calorie Counter Macros Diet app by Joemama Soul App is a health/nutrition app designed around macronutrients. Macronutrients are the pieces of a well balanced diet that are to be consumed in fairly large amounts, such as protein, carbohydrates, and several minerals including Zinc or Iron. This app is there to either support you during a weight loss journey or help you maintain your current weight by allowing you to track your

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FancyKey – Crafty Keyboard for Creative Communications

FancyKey app

Messages can now be sent with emotion! Most people use some sort of social media to communicate. Does anyone even write letters anymore? Whether your preferred communication medium of choice is email, IMs, texting, posts, or blogging, you can make every word you transmit take on a meaning that far surpasses what its basic dictionary definition dictates. How? Download FancyKey and you will see. Possible Labs, the creators of FancyKey, have taken their font featuring app and keyboard, made some

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Backup and Restore Your Data with Easy Backup

Easy Backup

It lives up to its name! Don’t you wish there was a way to backup your android phone data without having to jump through hoops and deal with complicated steps? That is now made possible by MDroid Apps’ Easy Backup, a data backup tool that backs up and restores your precious data effortlessly. Best of all, it’s also free! Using Easy Backup is easy enough. There are no lengthy instructions to deal with, and no highly technical steps that must

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DraftCode – PHP Coding at Your Convenience

DraftCode app

Get the power of WordPress and FlatPress at Your Hands! If you are a PHP developer looking for convenience when creating exquisite website functionality, look no further. DraftCode takes away the pain of needing internet connectivity and server accessibility by putting the power of WordPress and FlatPress in your hands, from the comfort of your handy-dandy iPad. By harnessing the power of runtime environments that are packed with programming pliability and support for offline theme and plugin development, DraftCode offers a

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EZCOMMA for Android– Lessons on Correct Comma Usage


A highly handy tool! EZCOMMA is a grammar app that is both fun and useful in its simplicity, making it a highly handy tool for aspiring writers who are seeking to develop their writing style, as well as experienced writers who are looking for a tool that will simplify the writing process even further! Usually, it takes years and years for one person to start from learning how to write to becoming a good and an even better writer. With

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