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More fun, more variety and more points!

Jukebox Genius is an iPhone app that has been developed by Tom Callaghan at Suncat Software. The app uses the iTunes library of users, in formulating questions for numerous different rounds. It helps in developing a name, concept, icon title, round names as well as designs for separate screens that help in engaging the user, while illustrating the game’s essence.

This app is an original online multiplayer that plays a whole lot of things on your iPod library. It has the artificial intelligence capability that enables you to make guesses about the artist, album, song, genre and a whole lot of more things. Jukebox Genius is challenging and fun to play with addition to the bonus rounds. It is interactive in nature about the way in which it deals with music. You can identify the iTunes that you like from a range of snippets that is being played on your iPod, iPad or iPhone.

jukebox genius screenshot

You have a multiplayer format where you can compete with your friends who are on Facebook. The music library can be viewed by album, album art, rating, on Demand tracks or several other preset views, which are populated in a handy drop-down menu. You can also customize a view that can be done using more options.

jukebox genius

Subscribers will also be able to create and save playlists that include music from both the service and your personal library–in other words, WMA, MP3, and On Demand tracks. There is a feature that allows you to remotely access your “On Demand” tracks and playlists from any PC. You can also share your playlist through Facebook, with your friends. All of this is fine, but making the users to spend 99 cents for proceeding in every lap ahead is not a great idea, I think.

You can play in single player mode or challenge your Facebook friends. Starting from chart position 40, answer correctly and unlock more levels of play, the higher you go. Jukebox Genius is Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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