Chuck B Blast – Cyborg to the Rescue

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With sharp graphics that generate a hint of Japanese anime and action that mimics the same, Chuck B Blast is a game that pits cyborg against an evil oncoming planet, set for a course of destruction. The cyborg, who you control, is Chuck B. His mission is to penetrate the enemies command center and core of operations to detect, disseminate and deactivate the destruction they have planned for mother Earth. The task at hand is not an easy one, but one that Chuck B can handle, all in your good hands.

The game is a simple download. The first time you open the app, you will get an informative introduction describing the game and what Chuck B must accomplish. If you wish to skip this, simply tap on the screen. Once you move past this page, you will see options to START the game, set up or view OPTIONS and to EXIT. OPTIONS allows you set the volume level, choose the level of special effects, a.k.a. FX, and choose Sticky Fire. Not overly complicated, which is just right for the game’s designs.

When you select START to play the game, you are given an option to select game play level. Options include:

  • CORE

Chuck B Blast

SPACE is the lowest level, and therefore, the place you’ll start. If you try to select playing in SURFACE or CORE before it’s your time to, you won’t even be able to select an ACT to play in. They will be shaded out and non-selectable. Once you complete the four ACTS that are in the SPACE level, you will be able to play in the SURFACE level, which has four ACTS of its own. Finish the four in SURFACE, and you will move up to the CORE level of play, delivering the final four ACTS.

The game itself is a runner/shooter game, so you must move Chuck B along a path, prevent him from getting blasted by any enemy fire and help him hurdle any hindrances that come his way. Sounds easy at first, but you will cross paths with creative conundrums that force you to move with swift and smart reactions. It took me a few goes to understand just what I was up against and to know exactly what that tall yellow pole was. I ran right into it and apparently caused Chuck to disintegrate! It would be nice to know what obstacles the game will be throwing at you so you know what you need to do as they approach: jump, fire or slide?

The only improvement Chuck B Blast needs is a better explanation of what to avoid before playing the game. Boxes sitting on the path scream “jump over me!” However, I had no idea what to do when I saw the “electric” pole towering before my Chuck. I tried jumping over it, but to no avail.

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