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Octopus.do Helps Web Designers Map Out Their sites

In today’s technological era having a website is a must. But how do webmasters design these beautiful, easy-to-navigate sites? With tools like octopus.do sitemap of course. This webpage allows you to not only plan out each page but see how one page will flow into another.

With eighteen years of experience in building websites, the minds behind octopus.do bring you a sitemap app that they know will help you or your agency build websites that flow. With the ability to color coordinate, make notes, and add pages, this site makes panning your website a breeze. You can leave notes for what content goes where and upload designs. This website is a perfect way to plan out your webpage and make sure it’s super user-friendly. It even supplies thirty-one wireframe templates and a sitemap generator. And, of course, it has an app for on-the-go planning.

If you are not the only one working and inputting ideas into the site then octopus.do has you covered. Their team and agency plans allow five or more employees to collaborate on a sitemap. You can share your plans with your team or your client for quick and easy feedback. It’s a very user-friendly site that even the least tech-savvy among us can navigate. The buttons are clearly labeled with easy-to-identify icons and little explanation is needed on how to work the site. When you first open the page it gives you a video tutorial on how the site works and its functions. Additional resource buttons are labeled at the top which provides resources, pricing, support, and features. And the auto-save feature, as we all know, is a lifesaver. The site can even estimate the cost of projects on a page-by-page basis, a truly helpful tool if you are in the business of websites design.

octopus.do has multiple plans for your size business. Only have one project in mind? Then the basic plan is for you. With free access to all the site’s features, you can plan your website with ease. Are you a growing business that has more than one project? Then you can pick from three separate plans that allow either eight, thirty-two, or unlimited projects and up to 10 employees.

One drawback I see to the site is that you can only email them for customer support so answers may not come to you as quickly as a live chat or phone call would. The FAQ section does provide answers to common questions, but as we all know, the FAQ’s can only answer so much. The ability to speak to a person is always super valued, since, more likely than not, you’ll have a specific question the FAQ can’t answer and will take quite a few email exchanges to solve.

With reasonable prices and a variety of plans, you are sure to find one that suits your needs on octopus.do.

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