iFun Screen Recorder – A Simple and Effective Recording Tool for Windows

iFun app

Today’s market is flooded with screen recorders, but the iFun Screen Recorder is one of the most recent entries. So if you’re wondering why you should choose this over other screen recording choices, you’ve come to the perfect place. Screen recording is a valuable tool for explaining problems or solutions involving digital technology. However, some users complain that the recording lowers the quality of their content. Do you have the same issue as me? If that’s the case, a new

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Receipt Catcher Evo – Receipt Tracking App for Small Businesses

Receipt Catcher Evo app

Managing and tracking your expenses is very important in your personal life. It becomes even more essential if you own a small business. The longer you keep ignoring the paperwork, the higher will be the pile up on your desk. For instance, you might be someone who uses your own credit card to book a conference room for a business meeting of the company you work for and forget to reimburse it later. You might have even booked a cab

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Awaken the Child in You with Rain Balls

Rain Balls

If you are a parent of one or a bunch, or someone who isn’t a parent yet, but loves kids, you could totally relate to the following scenario. All kids, irrespective of how old they are, love to play games on smartphones. When you are all worked up and too tired to take care of your kid, you either switch on your smart TV for some rhymes or give them your Smartphone so that you can take a small break.

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Defend Your Universe in Puppy Power Space Shooter

In the arcades, there are tons of fun games that you play in different stages. Puppy Power Space Shooter is an arcade game where you shoot at evil cat invaders and blocks on your way to the top. The only thing that makes this game better than any arcade game you play is that; you can play it on a mobile phone. If you are a fan of space games, shooting games, or space-shooting games, then stick around because this

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Get Current News on WhatsKnew?

WhatsKnew? app

News has always been a part of society from time immemorial it keeps the society running based on the information that is spread around through news.  The world today is a global place, and information and communication are what keeps us going. Know it or not, whatever happens in every country around the world affects your nation in a specific way. The economic sector, the political sector, and the social sector of a country are all tied up in a

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Top the Pools with Presidents Run

Elections are the most anticipated events in a democratic country. The people are eager to see whether their votes will count and if the right candidate would be representing them for the next term. This anticipation is what brings about stress to citizens. Sometimes the people question if there is an easier way to determine who would likely be in the seat of power as president. The developers of Presidents Run have brought a solution to this question by creating

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Get Your Adrenaline Pumping with Racing Xperience

The thrills, the blood rush, the blast of adrenaline is what we all feel when we hear engines revving. Everyone wants to be in a car race, to feel the excitement but of course, not everyone knows how to drive a race car, or handle a steering wheel without fretting. Yes, you can go to race tracks and watch other people race, yes it gives you some excitement but here is what it doesn’t do. It doesn’t get your adrenaline

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Find Your Dream Kitty with Feline Finder

Feline Finder app

Are you looking for a new feline friend? Or perhaps it’s your first pet and you’re looking for a cat to cozy up with? Feline Finder is an app for anyone who is having a hard time finding the kitty of their dreams. It’s hard right now. A lot of people are lonely. A new animal is the perfect choice for anyone who is having a hard time and needs support. The current times aren’t perfect but a new animal

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