SeoSamba Mobile CRM Lead Tracking App Helps Customer Relationship Management

One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is time management. Questions like whether you have found the right lead for your company or if you can keep a prospect or not,  keep many businesses disorganized as they do not have the right management system. Imagine your business is climbing up, sales are increasing at the right percentage but you do not have the right amount of time to keep track with the prospects you already have. It is possible

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Calendar.AI – How Can It Improve Your Business?

Being well-organized is a vital part of running a business. Sometimes it is not easy to remember all the meetings you have planned. Or to even schedule meetings with clients without having to invest tons of time emailing. Not to mention, all the research you must conduct on prospective clients before you meet them. Thankfully, this app resolves many of these issues with key features such as: Supercharging calendar meetings Viewing insights about attendees Easy scheduling software Providing In-depth insights

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Barksense App Tracks Your Dog’s Woofs, Arfs, and Bow-Wows

Barksense app

Unfortunately, we can’t always have our canine companions by our sides. Fortunately, there is something that can help to ease both you and your dog’s separation anxiety. Barksense is an app designed to keep an “ear” out for your pup while you’re away. A very useful app for the anxious dog (or owner) that’s free to download from the App Store or Google Play! Barksense uses AI to detect when your dog is barking or howling in distress. When the

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Escape the Real World with Tiger Adventure Run Game

Because playing online games requires us sitting in front of a screen, it is often being perceived negatively. However, games require a level of interaction and skill from the player; unlike watching television, which is more passive. Gaming has elements of escapism. The idea of escapism simply means that gamers play to get away from the frustrations of reality. With Tiger-Adventure Run game, the players enter an alternative world, often more fantastical or appealing than their own. The psychological need

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Influence Your Buyer Persona with Mobilo Card

Have you ever wondered why tap-and-go services like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay succeed? Contactless technology is emerging in more aspects of our everyday life; from payments which don’t require us to take cash out of our wallet to games which can be updated and interact with video games. Mobilo Card is an innovative app, developed by Lulu Systems Inc. based in New York City, that has both NFC and a QR Code integrated to guarantee your targeted

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Achieve Your Fitness Goal with My Walk Tracker App

My Walk Tracker app

Whether you run at the gym after work or make refreshment walking around a track on the weekends, putting one foot in front of the other is essential for you. It reduces your risk of developing high blood pressure, cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis, depression and more. So, when it comes to choosing the best place for your walk, and wondering which is better, treadmill versus trail, or road? With My Walk Tracker, you don’t need a gym membership.

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Marble Jetpack Game Keeps You Glued

Having played Marble Jetpack for the last week, I can honestly say that it is one of the most addictive games I have played so far. It has a simplistic goal which is to beat the clock and collect stars along the way with a few twists thrown in. There are enemy marbles that float and try to shoot you and you have to jetpack yourself from island to island without drowning in the water between them. You start off

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Save the Princess – The Legend Game of This Generation

Save the Princess screenshot

Sometimes choosing your own adventure means closing one door to open another. The stories told through choose-your-own-adventure games are the strongest, as there’s nothing like the thrill of becoming engrossed in the story and choosing how it ends. Your path could lead you to victory or a quick demise. Save the Princess is designed like a text-based CYOA game. By playing it, you’re the star of the story. It puts the player in control. Every few pages, you have to

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