Calculate Your Match Play in Real-Time with Dormie Golf

Dormie Golf app

Do you know what keeping score means? If the answer is yes, you sure know the basics, but if you are not aware of the term, this article would be an eye-opener. Ranging from simple to tricky, there are various scorekeeping types that need to be marked in a scorecard. For instance, in an 18-hole score using the basic stroke play, count the number of strokes taken to reach the hole and write it down in the corresponding box. When

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Expand Your Knowledge while Playing Games with MyMathy

MyMathy app

Working on math problems can be frustrating for some people but interesting to others. Whichever way it goes, MyMathy app fits all categories. MyMathy gives you a sense of freedom from hitting dead-ends while having fun. A free educational software built for iPhones and downloadable on App Store, MyMathy is your sure way of solving various equation problems, from simple sums to complex ones. The target audience is mainly students and anyone who wants to increase their knowledge on equations,

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Receipt Catcher Evo – Receipt Tracking App for Small Businesses

Receipt Catcher Evo app

Managing and tracking your expenses is very important in your personal life. It becomes even more essential if you own a small business. The longer you keep ignoring the paperwork, the higher will be the pile up on your desk. For instance, you might be someone who uses your own credit card to book a conference room for a business meeting of the company you work for and forget to reimburse it later. You might have even booked a cab

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Play the CryptoPop Game and Start Earning Cryptos

Everybody who owns a smartphone would have played match-puzzle games at some point or the other. To win a level, players must create a match of three or more objects, be it colors or candies, or jewels, of the same type and eliminate them from the game board. The pieces cleared from the game board will make way for new game pieces and result in more matches. Matching more objects that are similar will create new unique objects called power-ups.

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The Age-Old Pinball Game with a Novel Twist – Infinity Pinball

To start the article about the Infinity pinball game with an exciting note, let’s first get to know why “arcade” games are called such. The term traces back to the ‘Arcade Era,’ when grand arcades were built to serve as shelter for pedestrians. These arcades were later filled with retail shops that sold anything to everything. To increase their sales, the retail shops came out with an outstanding idea to entertain their customers and passersby by lining up the spaces

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amicable coparenting Makes Your Co-parenting Easy

amicable coparenting app

When it comes to co-parenting, the stress of managing children and your daily activities does not come with ease. That is why modern technology is designed to make your parenting easy and swift – amicable coparenting app. With the amicable coparenting, you can share custody of your ex-spouse, keep track of your children schedules, pickups and returns, classes, and much more, plus a healthy way to keep the lines of communication open with your ex. Sometimes it is not easy

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Typewise – Smart Keyboard for Smartphones

Have you ever typed a text and sent it before realizing that you made a mistake. I’m pretty sure that you didn’t like it. Sometimes these typo errors sneak into our neatly written text and construe the meaning of our message. Whether you are sending a random text, typing an academic paper, or just writing a blog post, you need a smart keyboard that will make your work error-free. There are many keyboard apps online to choose from. This depends

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How to Transfer iPhone Photos to PC without iTunes

MediaTrans app

It is often discomforting if you are unable to transfer your iPhone photos to your PC device because they are not of the same brand or having to go through the rigorous process of going through your iTunes. The need to transfer your iPhone photos to your PC cannot be overemphasized, it helps for effective backup of your photos, it ensures you to easily share the photos, enables further editing of your photos, to mention but a few. The Microsoft

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